New addition to MBTA menagerie

Erin Sullivan reports from the Blue Line today:

Dude next to me on the MBTA had an iguana on his shoulder and I didn't notice until it tried TO CLIMB ON ME. There goes 10 years of my life. I fear reptiles as much as I fear birds only I SHOULD NEVER ENCOUNTER A REPTILE.



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I agree

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I've seen this guy on the T. Along with people with snakes and un-collared dogs.

The T really needs to start enforcing its 'no pets that aren't in cages rule'. One of these days someone is going to get hurt, a pet will be lost (like that snake) or killed.

I dont know what possesses people to take their pet on a subway without any cage or leash? If I paid as much money as I know iguana's cost, I dont think I'd be allowing it to roam on my shoulders while I ride the T.

Idiots with exotic pets

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I've also seen that idiot with the iguana on the Blue Line. Not too smart(the guy, that is. I'm sure the iguana is quite bright), especially when the T is packed. Again I marvel at these idiots who think owning exotic animals is cool. And they are obviously into showing them off for attention and self-gratification, or they wouldn't have them on the crowded T, uncaged and unleashed.

Charlie the Chameleon

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Turns red on the Red Line, blue on the Blue Line, orange on the Orange Line, and unchanged on the Green Line.

Better to encounter a lizard

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Better to encounter a lizard on the Blue Line than a serpent on the Red Line.

I don't know why anyone would fear birds, though.

Clearly you've never had

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Clearly you've never had pigeons fly at your head repeatedly or had to pick your way through an unmoving flock of Canada geese. And swans could totally mess you up, those suckers are fast and strong. ::shudder:: There's a lot to fear about birds.

Arrogant geese

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Canada geese have very few natural predators, save for maybe coyotes. And the geese in Boston, like the ones in the Fenway, etc, have no predators at all. So they are basically not afraid of anything, including people. Thats why they are so arrogant. Swans are graceful and pretty to look at, but they are very agressive birds.

drain the lizard...

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I the spectrum of MBTA rider repulsiveness, I'll take Iguana over some guy blowing a nut on me most any day.

The MBTA, Never a Dull Moment...actually a whole bunch of dull moments punctuated by bodily fluids, exotic pets and people who shouldn't be allowed to interact with the other humans.

The worst thing I ever saw on

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The worst thing I ever saw on the Red Line was a guy flossing his teeth... pretty bad... but what followed was worse; when he was finished he threw the floss on the floor.


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I've seen people cutting their toenails on the T.