New BPD cruisers coming, but hopefully they'll be changing the license plates first

New BPD cruiser in West Roxbury

Chris Casey spotted this sparkly new District A-1 Boston Police cruiser today on Centre Street in West Roxbury, wonders why BPD couldn't find a dealer closer than New York to buy them from.



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Why do

all police cruisers now look like they came packaged with a special-edition Hess Truck?

Whatever happened to the design of police cruisers that made people go, "Uhoh, the fuzz?"


There are a few A-1 cruisers that are still the old Crown Vic's, and still have the old font. I don't know if they're only ceremonial or something, but they're definitely kept nice and shiny.

I personally like the Chargers a lot for police vehicles...definitely a vehicle that makes an impression.


I agree on the Chargers, but I can tell you that the State Police and other departments have rejected them as fleet vehicles because of an issue concerning the configuration after the requisite dividers between the front seat area and backseat were installed. I believe that the interior cabin was just not large enough to accommodate the dividers and a Trooper up front and a "passenger" in the back.

That said, the SP has a few of them, often used in speed enforcement on I-91 in western Mass., and they are pretty sweet looking.

And all of the University PDs

Not only is it hard to tell Boston from Brookline/Cambridge/Somerville, but it's also hard to tell the "real" police from the University PDs.

The BUPD, NUPD, NU Security that Isn't PD, MITPD, etc., all have nearly identical cruisers as well.

Pimp My Ride !

Back in the day (as seen on TV shows like Dragnet, Adam-12, Hawaii-5-0) police cars did not have lavish paint jobs, simply black and white. So now, BPD seems like it wants to look more cool and get on more TV shows and movies. What is next? Designer uniforms?

Cheaper to put a bit of "flair"

over a standard body color than to paint a small number of vehicles in the old "black and white" schemes.

Which is also an important consideration given that most agencies and municipalities now lease their fleet vheicles (yes, police cruisers included) instead of purchasing them outright.

Curb Feelers

Almost looks like they have the car curb feelers (not sure when I last saw those). Wouldn't want to get too close to the curb.