New owner of Brighton steakhouse plans only 'cosmetic' changes

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday gave the owners of the closed Stockyard restaurant permission to sell the place to Michael Conlon, who already owns several restaurants in other parts of the city.

The Manning family needed the board's permission to sell the restaurant's liquor license, as part of an overall $5 million deal.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Conlon's attorney, Joseph Hanley, said Conlon, who owns restaurants such as West on Centre in West Roxbury and the Paramount on Beacon Hill, would bring "a great improvement in management," but was not planning major changes in the restaurant or its offerings. "It's really just a turnkey transfer," he said.

Two nearby residents said they were concerned about the restaurant's legal 2 a.m. closing time. Although they said they were not concerned about noise from the restaurant itself, they were worried about patrons standing outside their cars, smoking and making noise, just feet from their homes.

They added that not all nearby residents may have been notified about the proposed license transfer. Hanley and board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer, however, said Conlon met all the legal requirements for whom to notify - and noted the Brighton Allston Improvement Association had approved the proposal, even if not unanimously.

Ferrer acknowledged that this means some people living right next to the parking lot might not have gotten notice, because the parking lot is owned by a separate Manning-family corporation, meaning it is considered a direct abutter, and not residents on the other side of the parking lot. However, she said residents who have a problem with that should try to work through the legislature to change state law.



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    No offense to the nearby residents...

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    But there's only like 4 houses between Vineland and the Pike (only one of which is near the parking lot) and then this weird patch with two other houses that are penninsula'd in the middle of the Stockyard's parking lot on Vineland. Asking for a large restaurant's closing hours to be changed because you live in its parking lot seems pretty ballsy.

    Does anyone have the history on that parking lot? How did it come to envelop around those two houses? Did the people living in those two triple-deckers choose to live in a parking lot by buying there or did it develop around them much more recently? They look too nice to have been there as long as the original stockyard.

    I mean, if a restaurant bordering the Pike and a bridge (Market St) on two sides of a triangular lot (and WGBH on the opposite side of the street) can't stay open until 2 AM because it disturbs the 3 houses that can even see the restaurant...I really would have worried about this city's ability to cope with the reality of being a city. Thank you, licensing board.

    In the meantime, another appearance of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association instead of the Allston Civic Association. I like where this is heading.

    According to one of the residents

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    There used to be more houses there, but then Old Man Manning (OK, he didn't use that phrase, but still) bought some of them and tore them down.

    Ok, good

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    Of course, the next question is when the current owners bought there. Was it before or after the tear-downs. Because if it was after...well, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.

    It's Brighton

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    So the BAIA would be the natural choice. But believe me, there was plenty of hand-wringing there over the 2am license and especially over the "Entertainment" license. Rather sad for, as you say, a place that is in a very desolate area. More sensible heads prevailed.

    50 years

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    The guy whose house actually overlooks the parking lot said that's how long he's lived there.

    Adam: word on the street. Is

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    Adam: word on the street. Is that the deal has gone south....and here we are in October.

    Adam: it aint your father's

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    Adam: it aint your father's stockyard. Check out the new menu at I think I need to mortgage my house to take my SO
    out to dinner.....