Next summer, you'll be able to take the train to the Cape

After 25 years, weekend passenger service to the Cape will start in April, Wicked Local reports. Trains will include cars outfitted for bicycles.



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No more 30-mile treks from Kingston just to get over the bridge! Yay!

This makes a cape vacation much more likely for our clan.

Better than current options

Those being a train every two or more hours that only gets to Kingston, only takes bikes before 3:30 pm, and then a 50+ mile ride to Hyannis (I've done this - it sucks on both ends).

OR ... the Provincetown Ferry, with a night trek down Route 6 to the mid-cape, with extremely late arrival for Vineyard Ferries.

OR drive. OR take a bus that may/may not be able to board even a folding bike.

In short, this opens up the entire mid-Cape and ferries to the islands so that people don't have to take cars, park cars, drive cars, etc. Pretty much a big win all around, despite the limited schedule.

Of course, these all work better if you work downtown.

Too bad they cut all the

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Too bad they cut all the weekend service to Plymouth. I would have taken in on Thanksgiving like I have in years past.

Hyannis is still 35 minutes from my family in N. Falmouth.
Buzzards Bay is a bit closer but still requires a trek over the bridge.

I ended up on the P&B bus the night before Thanksgiving and it only took an hour from South Station to Sagamore bridge. ($15)

I might just take the new train to the Cape just to ride my bike upto P-Town and come back on the ferry.

Could you look at the newish CCRTA Bourne route?

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You could pick it up at Ocean State Job Lot in Buzzards Bay or the Cape Side Convenience on the other side of the bridge... It would get you to Route 151 & Route 28A. But once again, train service doesn't match the bus service.
The Sealine would get you from Hyannis to East Falmouth. It runs on a more regular schedule but takes an hour!

The CCRTA is sponsoring the

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The CCRTA is sponsoring the train extension, and they plan to provide bus service to meet the trains.

Why 8AM on Sat and Sun?

At such an early hour, driving traffic is light and driving saves on the $30 round trip train fare per person. Having a car on the cape is an advantage for most people and only a disadvantage for those paying for parking and going without car to the islands, for example.

A 9AM, 9:30, or 10AM departure time would give the train an advantage over driving or the bus during those more congested driving times and increase the chances of the train service's sustainability. I hope they think about the schedule so service can be kept. Multiple person ticket discounts should be considered so that 2-4 people driving in a car doesn't become vastly cheaper than $30 each for the train.

On which planet ...

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... do you live that there isn't any Cape Traffic on a Saturday or Sunday morning?

These are the outbounds, silly. Train has to get there on Sunday for an inbound, somehow.

I don't go to the Cape too

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I don't go to the Cape too much. But the few times I've done it, delays at the Sagamore Bridge have been 5 minutes or less at 10 AM on Saturday mornings.

Concern troll is concerned

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You spend all month blaming everything in the world on bicyclists and urban planners and then you bicker about departure times for a train you'll never take because you care so much about bicyclists' needs (which you know better than they do)?

Why don't you stick to being the youngest angry old coot on the block? It suits you better.

Day Trippin'

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That's my guess, just like the snow train. People can get to South Station by 8, snooze on the train, and be in Hyannis in time for lunch (or Buzzard's Bay in time for late brunch.) Hit the beach for a few hours, then return.

I am looking forward to the release of the full schedule to see when the return times are. I have memories from youth of taking the train from Braintree and getting my first day on the Cape in.

They haven't provided the

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They haven't provided the full schedule yet, and people on suspect the track past Lakeville/Middleboro has low speed limits. I hope the train isn't too much slower than the bus.