No, not Nick Punto!

Gordon Edes tweets the Sox are sending Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to Los Angeles for dinner for six at Sonic several players.



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Big Papi?

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He's almost back.

James Loney

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One of the Dodgers players in the trade will be the new 1B. He's not quite the bottom of the barrel when it comes to 1B, but he'll least for the rest of this season.

Waiver Wire

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There is a limited special edition waiver wire deadline of August 31. Teams may place players on it and see who wants them. I believe the team with a not as good record may claim the player but only if a team with a worse record does not object.

Teams then have 72 hours to work out some type of trade deal. Once the players have cleared the wire like Chicken N'Beer, God's Plan, Punto, and Crawford, another team may not object to any potential deal. Getting rid of Crawford - Bad mistake. Everyone else? See ya.


Confirmed. When a player's name is placed on the "waiver wires" the team with the current worst record has first right of refusal, can claim the player and can attempt to negotiate an equitable trade. As it works, when a big name is put on waivers, the worst teams are not in the market since it's too late in the year to make a run for the playoffs. So the names usually end up being claimed by a team that has some catching up to do but could be a contender. Or sometimes end up with a team that's willing to take a risk to build for next year.

So the Sox have a bit of a gamble here giving up proven players for a few potential prospects, and have to throw in a fair amount of cash along with the better players. Sounds like a seriously bad move until you consider how much the Sox are overpaying Becket, Adrian, Punto, and Crawford. In net, they are ridding themselves of about $200 Million in future salary payments.

Could be an interesting Hot Stove season after an utterly forgettable 2012 baseball season.

Even better actually

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$275 million in salary relief, and they only have to pay $12 million.

Losing Gonzalez, after doing so much to get him here, is the tough side of this deal for the Sox.

It's official. The deal is done.

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I feel like the little kid in Animal House says when the sorority girl dressed as a Playboy Bunny falls through his window and onto his bed:

"Thank you God!"

No one can take her place

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but I'm flattered at the comparison. I will do my best to contribute what I can to UHub.

I also see that in my Animal House post I say no good sentence structure. I was too busy watching clips of "was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" to proofread.