No, summer can't be over already!

But around 3:10 p.m. this afternoon, Galen Moore noted a truck stuck in the Storrow tunnel eastbound. And that means Allston Christmas is right around the corner.

"Who won the pool?" Dave Hodge promptly wondered.



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Exodus Day

Everybody I've seen with a truck in Brighton today is moving out.

There was a truck stuck under

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There was a truck stuck under the footbridge on Storrow on Thursday morning. They are starting early.

They're seniors...

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who are moving back home before the rush, or they're moving out of their apartment because their subletter's allowed back into the dorm.

I hate to reguritate my own tweets here

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but a U-Haul cut me off on Mass Ave near Symphony Hall this morning while I was driving to church and made me take the lord's name in vain.

Those trucks, even the little wagons, are too wide for our streets. Good luck moving Noah or Madisyn into a 2nd floor apartment on a side street near Harvard Ave.