Northern Avenue Bridge could become bridge of flowers next year

Northern Avenue Bridge in 1930, from the BPL Leslie Jones collection.Northern Avenue Bridge in 1930, from the BPL Leslie Jones collection.

The Globe reports on plans to outfit the hulky old bridge into something more aesthetically pleasing.

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    Is this the bridge next to

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    Is this the bridge next to the barking crab?
    since it only functions as a walking path how about leaving the bridge permanently open (so boats can pass through the channel) but allow a restaurant to lease it and have waterfront dining (of course if the city wants to put the bridge back into service they could so it would be part of the terms in the lease...)
    boston really needs more waterfront dining/cafes


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    Then you would screw over all the pedestrians and cyclists who use the bridge. I walk over that bridge every day and I'm never the only one on it, not even during Sandy. I guess Seaport could handle the traffic, but then I would have to deal with the amazingly awful lights at Atlantic.

    Extension of the Greenway

    In my opinion, this should have been done when Boston was planning for the Seaport District. The Northern Ave Bridge and Northern Ave should have been used as an extension of the Greenway, inviting pedestrians and cyclists over the Fort to the growing number of restaurants and attractions along the waterfront. Pedestrians do use this bridge exactly for that, and the bridge is a great architectural time capsule, but they're dumped onto the gross, overly wide and basically dead end Northern Ave.

    Wow. Great idea!

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    I've lamented the courthouse and the tunnel air vent houses and much of the seaport development. I saw it as much more walker friendly and smaller scale.

    This idea is genius and could still be done.

    Hook a left at Northern, make the bridge a lil Highline and reroute / landscape Seaport as a boulevard!

    It's not too late.


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    In the photo, the bridge is very aesthetically pleasing. The lines, with those of the surrounding buildings, work for me. Of course, the area is utterly different now.


    As someone who has seen the

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    As someone who has seen the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, I think this a great idea. Hopefully, something can also been done with the parcel of land and pilings that James Hook Lobster is on next to it (or was until their warehouse burnt down).