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But it was also fitting he was 1/2 second from being the most talked about tight end in football history. That last pass.... if....

Ahh well. Thems the breaks!

Still Title Town. Still 3/5 in 10 (only Pats). Can't really complain unless you buy into the expectation game. I don't.

Attracting attention

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When I saw Gronk out there I knew that he wasn't the intended receiver.

However, the threat of Gronk is enough to require that he be double teamed, meaning somebody else will be left open.

Indeed, the Gravedigger is in his element

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Hackneyed alliteration? Check.
Reference to 40-year-old movie? Check.
Use of the phrase "Belichickmen"? Check.
Red Sox reference? Check.
Conclusion that this means the end of Boston? Check, please!

Final Score Sucked

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But the game itself, taken from an objective viewpoint as a football fan, was a great one. That's the good news. The bad news is, because it was so great, and because the winner was a New York team, it will be replayed many times on ESPN Classic, etc., in the years to come. Ugh.


Perhaps on better note. I

Perhaps on better note. I believe all's was quiet in Boston, right? I hope it shows that we are not Vancouver when we lose so they can cool down with the +2,000 man army. I have doubts that we are that bad when we win, though I do agree some cops to keep cars getting flipped is reasonable, but perhaps not 2,000 men either.

The good news about the loss

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We won't have to waste taxpayer resources, not to mention unnecessarly inconveniencing people trying to go about their normal lives, holding another needless "victory parade".

The bad news - none of the Patriots players will have their outrageous "salaries" cut for failing to win the big game.

Charlie Pierce's Blog

It wasn't until I read Charlie Pierce's politics blog at that I learned that Rush Limbaugh was a guest of Robert Kraft in his owner's suite. HEY KRAFT! TAKE YOUR EFFING FRANCHISE AND MOVE IT TO LOS ANGELES WHY DONCHA? AND DON"T EVEN THINK OF BUILDING A CASINO ACROSS THE STREET!