Not everybody looks kindly upon the guy who roams Copley Square on a sail-equipped scooter

Scooterdude reports some of the less-than-favorable reactions he gets from people, including the ever popular "get a job!" and motorists who scream at him about taking up valuable road space. Also:

There's the 'deer-in-the-headlights' reaction when a pedestrian crossing against the traffic light steps right in front of the Wind-scooter, stops and, stunned, waits for there to be a collision. Fortunately, both my skill and the braking feature of the scooter secures my immediate halt.



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    Ah yes

    Because neither motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians in this town can be bothered to pay attention to their surroundings, the signals, and, heaven forfend, any other moving thing in their vicinity.

    Get out more

    Why is it that comparing Boston to other cities brings out the cranks who think Florida is exotic?

    Some places are better to live in than others for a reason: people give a shit and make them better. Why don't you go take your attitude and live in Detroit or Baltimore, rather than trying to make Boston more like them?

    Swirly is right.

    But we must also realize that Boston is a place where a lot of residents come from somewhere else and have their own driving styles. So that moron you see driving like a maniac is probably from California or New York.

    Great Idea!Why not expand on

    Great Idea!

    While we're waiting for the specially marked wind-powered scooter lanes to be painted, why not expand on this idea and get a really long scooter with a larger board between the wheels so that you could carry other people. The additional buoyancy would allow the scooter to float.

    You could then take your floating wind=powered sail scooter in the harbor.


    I miss seeing this guy. Always gave me a smile when I would sit outside at lunchtime and watch him when I worked at the Tower. Absolutely nothing entertaining where I work now near Alewife - the turkey is even gone...


    Just don't come back and defend these idiot cabbies the next time the rest of us notice that they are crankhead homocidal entitled idiots, okay?