Now Boston losing craft breweries to Cambridge

Mark Levy at Cambridge Day noticed that three of the winners in a Boston Magazine "Best New England Craft Beers" article are based in Cambridge and Somerville, so he called them up to talk about local brewing:

There seems to be a lot of Cambridge and Somerville in the package. Is there a reason?

It's really difficult in terms of red tape to rent space to brew in Boston. I don't know if Slumbrew is in a cooperative workspace, but I know Pretty Things is, and that's kind of indicative of an attitude in Cambridge and Somerville that helps these grassroots companies thrive.



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Pretty Things

Has a really interesting setup. They brew in Westport, but I know they brew in any collaborative space that will work with them as well. They've worked with Garrett Oliver at Brooklyn and just wrapped up a collaboration with Boulevard in Kansas City.

Dann Paquette is just a fascinating human being and Martha Holley-Paquette matches him note for note. Brilliant brewing minds.

Really want Slumbrew to work...

but had some of their Porter Square Porter at Curley's and it struck me as weak. Using Tazo chocolate is great, but they may need more of it. The flavor was there, but very faint.

Just an observation based on personal taste. Would highly advise trying the whole line yourself.