Officers didn't buy man's story he'd wandered into the Arborway bus yard just to take a dump

MBTA Transit Police report that when they asked Dennis Banks what he was doing inside a stairway in a building at the Arborway bus depot yesterday evening,

Banks replied he was "taking a s***" or better stated Banks claimed he was going to the bathroom on the stairs.

Then officers noticed "a freshly cut four foot section of half inch copper resting on a back pack." A quick survey revealed the pipe would have fit exactly in a four-foot gap in a section of pipe on the wall:

Officers asked Banks if the back pack was his property to which he said it was. Next to the back pack officers found a pair of hand tool pliers, inside the backpack were additional tools which would be helpful in removing copper.

Banks is scheduled for arraignment today in West Roxbury District Court on charges of trespassing, larceny and malicious destruction of property.

Innocent, etc.



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make an example of him

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Give him the maximum sentence! These guys that strip pipes cause so much damage, they are sociopaths not just thieves.

How Stupid !!!

"Oh, yeah, that's my backpack with all the break-in and theft tools inside, and next to the pipe I cut- I'm going to get it back, right? Damn, if only I brought some TP."

C'mon Adam

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You couldn't make a pun about "cutting off a section of pipe"? ;-)