Official with firsthand knowledge of highway safety issues no longer in charge of highway safety issues

The Globe reports.



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    she has a new job

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    Driving a T bus.

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    When I run for office...

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    I will have a single campaign brochure: a "family tree" of all the hacks and all of the controversies they have caused. I will emphasize those who are in jail. Guaranteed win.

    Oh wait, this is Massachusetts, where folks will re-elect these clowns and their cronies time and time again. Scratch that last idea.

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    I know

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    you don’t get out of mom's basement much (let alone how challenging that's going to make running a political campaign), but surprisingly Massachusetts isn’t in the 80’s anymore.

    While we do need to be vigilant of political corruption, we are nowhere near the worst offenders. Chicago, NJ, NY, Texas and the backwaters of many states in the deep south make our back patting and corruption charges look quaint by comparison.

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    Mom, other kids got worse grades than me!

    What a lame excuse of political hackery for political party friends unqualified to best serve the public.

    There are other examples like the professional bicycling advocate put in charge of San Francisco car parking - like if Mitt were running the NAACP.

    BTW, how many state vehicles get smashed up each year?

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    citations please One can be a

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    citations please

    One can be a bike advocate and still know a lot about traffic, parking, and roadway design.

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    You have it wrong way around

    There are other examples like the professional bicycling advocate put in charge of San Francisco car parking - like if Mitt were running the NAACP

    Bond Yee went from Traffic and Parking to Director of Sustainable Streets ... not the other way around. From the City of San Francisco web site:

    Bond Yee, Director of Sustainable Streets, previously was Director of the Department of Traffic and Parking which was combined with the San Francisco Municipal Railway as the new San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in July 2002 under Proposition E. He has been practicing professionally for 37 years, initially working in the private sector as a transportation engineer with the firm of Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade and Douglas (PBQ&D). With PBQ&D, Mr. Yee worked on various transportation and transit projects such as the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Portland’s starter light rail line, Kansas City Transit Master Plan and Fullerton’s Multimodal Transportation Center facility. He has been with the City since 1982, starting with the Department of Public Works’ Traffic Engineering Bureau and has been with the Department of Parking and Traffic since its inception in 1990.
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    How to change this

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    Some states have appointments of only the top level officials. Everybody else in their departments is a career civil servant.

    MA has huge turnover and huge coat-tails of appointments.

    If you want to get rid of the patronage, you have to get rid of the patronage system. That takes structural reform.

    Get busy.

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    Next you're gonna tell me....

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    That state and local police officers don't follow the same laws the rest of us have to... Is this really THAT surprising? There are the initiated and then there are the rest of us.

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    "Congressman James McGovern

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    "Congressman James McGovern asked the newly elected Patrick administration in 2007 to hire Burgess, but without suggesting a specific role for her.
    Burgess had no experience in public safety, transportation or government administration when hired, according to her resume."

    *That* should be the scandal, not her lack of driving skills.

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