Oh, come on

Too early

To get to the meat cases at the Hyde Park Shaw's today, we had to get around all these displays of Halloween candy. As we left early this evening, the thermometer in our car read 84.



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that's disgusting

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That means the candy has been sitting there for months even before Halloween. Eww!

I got talking to someone at

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I got talking to someone at Hershey once, back when they still made candy in the USA. 3-5 months shelf life is my recollection. That candy in the pic is probably fresh out of the (foreign) factory.


hershey's still makes candy in the US....

....they don't make ALL their candy in the US anymore, but they still make some in PA. At least they did, the last time I bought chocolate--which was a little while ago. I specifically remember checking the label.

**according to Hershey's FAQ:

"Q. Does the company still make chocolate in Hershey?
A. Yes! Our history in the town goes back more than 100 years, and we are committed to continue making the world's best chocolate products in Hershey, Pennsylvania. In fact, the company is creating one of the world's largest, most advanced chocolate facilities right here in Hershey. This project represents a significant investment and will ensure that we continue to make HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bars, HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk Chocolates, HERSHEY'S Syrup and REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups as well as a wide range of other products in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We also make about a million miles of TWIZZLERS Candies each year at our Lancaster facility, a few miles from Hershey."

Sure they do

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They just contract with "foreign travel and tour" groups to import young workers to "work and travel in the US" and then treat them like company slaves.

No joke.

Why manufacture in a foreign country when you can union bust by creating third world indentured servatude at home!

holy crap I forgot all about that.

I wish I'd remembered that when I was buying candy for Halloween last year.

There's this one brand of jelly beans that kick ass, have no corn syrup, AND are made domestically. As soon I remember what the hell their name is, I'll post it. Unless they use slave labor too.


Plenty of ...

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.... Halloween costumes at Costco last weekend already, too ...

In general, I want to defend stores putting holiday stuff out

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In general, I want to defend stores putting holiday stuff out early. After all, ideally people should be able to buy stuff in advance of the corresponding holiday season, so setting things before the "Halloween season" begins isn't a bad idea. (Assuming it doesn't displace more useful stuff.) But candy? Even if you stocked up on Halloween candy now with the intention of storing it away until Halloween (and candy does have a decent shelf life) you'd eat the candy before Labor Day.

Actually, Hershey should totally start marketing Labor Day candy. That would really help me celebrate the season.


It has to displace

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It has to displace something.

I'm a last minute kind of guy. So I'd prefer if it were possible to buy bathing suits and box fans in August.

I recently overheard

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the guys in Allston Shaw's setting up the Back-To-School stuff in mid-July:

Employee: Now?
Supervisor: Yeah, I know it's early, but we have to fill the empty space (in the Seasonal aisle.)

I guess the idea is that they put stuff out on the floor as soon as they have space for it, in hopes that they'll sell out the inventory by the time the appropriate season ends.


The fallacy of this "put it out now" argument

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is that, if they actually waited until late August to put out the back to school stuff, they'd likely sell more of it during the season and also have less left over inventory they'll have to store somewhere until next year (or sell off at pennies on the dollar to a "job lot" place).

Notice how, when retailers put out the Christmas stuff just a bit earlier every year, the following January they then complain about how sales of that stuff were actually lower than in previous years.

A lot of stores don't save

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A lot of stores don't save seasonal stuff, or sell it to a job lot. They just toss it in a dumpster.

I saw this in Stop and Shop

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on July 31.

Sadly, I was just glad it wasn't Christmas candy.