Oh, goodness gracious: Police dare to ask Harvard students to turn down the volume at parties

And the future Masters of the Universe are not amused:

One sophomore, granted anonymity by The Crimson because she was afraid to be associated with a party that had been interrupted by police, was at the Delphic Saturday night when the police arrived. ... According to her, after word of the interruption spread, a few students shouted phrases like "fuck the police" and "it's the 5-0," a common slang for the police, while they made their way out the front door.



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    almost too good

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    Refusing to be held accountable for something they knew was wrong. They really ARE the future "leaders" of the world.

    Why dont they just call the land of sweater vests and bow ties what it is already: Harvard Country Club.

    Great Neck, eh?

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    If I'm reading you right, most everyone else won't get you. Let's say West Egg, East Egg (Manhasset would really screw things up) or Oyster Bay. That might tip off at least a few more people who might have at least heard about about a boy who rode "with a six pack in his hand".

    Country Club?

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    That would be Dartmouth or Brown, where money talks louder than achievement.

    Harvard pays the way of low and middle income students. Everyone I know is trying to get their kids in there because they will ride free. They don't do legacy admits anymore, either - at least, not on the scale of Yale or other ivies.

    These kids are privileged, though - they have often been sheltered from consequences because of their acheivement, not their income.

    Most final club members are

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    Most final club members are not low or middle income.

    And Harvard certainly does give a preference to legacies.

    Not that I like defending

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    Not that I like defending Harvard kids but I'm pretty sure this would be any youth's reaction to having their party busted.


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    I'm just not sure any other school would think it was newsworthy that the cops dared to bust the party.

    Maybe it's because it was the Final Clubs and they're supposed to be special? I never went to their parties, but I remember CPD asking us to quiet down dorm parties pretty often and it not being a big deal.

    The Northeastern paper

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    Has party reports all the time - although typically only after somebody was arrested or found drunk enough or underage enough to be reported to the school disciplinary office.

    Well, the Northeastern paper

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    Well, the Northeastern paper publishes the crime log, which is, of course, full of these sort of happenings.

    When I was at UMass

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    I can't tell you how many times I was at a party that got broken up by the police. Here's a hint - they don't want to arrest you. They just want you to knock it off so your neighbors can sleep.

    If you just pipe down and be respectful to the police when they show up they'll either issue a citation to whomever is throwing the party or tell everyone to be quiet. Of course if there are piles of coke on the table, that's another story.

    So stop yelling "F" the police and simmer down. And don't play Public Enemy after they leave. Your neighbors will call them again. Words of wisdom from someone who's been there - the number of times they get called to the same party (x) graphed against the annoyance level of police (y) is not linear. It's exponential.

    What's new this year is that

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    What's new this year is that the police are actively looking for parties to shut down, instead of just doing it as needed when neighbors complain. And it's the Cambridge Police rather than the Harvard Police. The Cambridge Police are known for being rude and hostile.

    Someone needs to find out who is behind these changes. I'm sure the Crimson is working hard to find some proof.

    I dont understand...

    "'Everyone at Harvard is very career-minded. No one likes the cops.'"

    So, you say you are career minded, then the next sentence is that you dont like people with a chosen career...that were just doing their jobs?

    Does this mean you don't like people that do their jobs? Then how exactly does that prove you are career minded?

    What it means is:

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    1) The cops are icky working class people, ick.
    2) If we get *caught* doing something wrong, it could jeopardize our chances at getting a Super Special Corporate Job. So it's the cops fault for catching the kids, not the kids' fault for doing something illegal.