OK, everybody, out of the Storrow pool

UPDATE: I've been informed in no uncertain terms it doesn't count for the pool unless the truck is actually stuck (preferably with its top ripped off).

At 11:25 a.m, Hillary tweeted:

Moving truck stopped on Storrow WB near Copley.



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First Life Lesson

Shouldn't the chains hanging down from the "No Trucks" signs at every entrance to Storrow - that actually hit the roof of the trucks - be enough to inform erant drivers that perhaps the sign that said "No Trucks" was for realsies? If we had to have a state trooper on stand by to prevent the new students from not doing stupid things, we would probably need them to just move in with the students full time.

An out to letters of admission:

It'd be great if the various local institutions of higher education (oft the destinations of trucks wedged under local bridges) were to add, somewhere down in all the boilerplate legalese, an out to their letters of admission:

If you wedge a truck under a bridge on your way to school you're disqualified from attending. Look, if you start out this dumb it'll only get worse, what with chem labs, dorm parties, rooftops, etc. We just don't need the grief.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

You've successfully ignored signs, alarms, and chains whacking into your truck. Now you've whacked a bridge, wedged the truck, and caused a huge backup. Just go back home and consider an online education. (In something that doesn't require much in the way of a clue.)