Like an old man trying to return soup at a deli

On Channel 5, Bianca de la Garza just advised people not to go down to the beach to look at the angry sea - right after John Atwater checked in from Scituate, where he stood by a seawall, looking at the angry sea.



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That's something I've always

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That's something I've always wondered. Why is it too dangerous for us mere mortal to be down there during a hurricane but it's all right for the news media to clog the beaches reporting on it.

Why? because the media is full of

idiots who think that standing out on that beach, tethered to that news van, will someday get them to the big chair.

Then again, how did that work out for Shelby Scott?


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...maybe she opted for the "date the Lt. Gov" option instead of "the big chair."

Best on was Amanda Grace from

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Best on was Amanda Grace from 7 getting hit by a wave head to foot a couple years ago. BTW she made it to the desk.

I don't blame them

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They do it so that we don't have to. Isn't that why we have the media?