Once a public transit fan, always a public transit fan

Dukakis on the T

Our roving UHub photographer assures us that's Mike Dukakis getting onto a crowded Green Line trolley at Longwood this morning - just like he used to do when he was governor.



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Mumbles for one is a "2seata" his girth would take up to many available seats.
Second he has a serious issue with balance which would most likely result in train delays due to a medical issue.

A good guy, and a class act

and by all accounts a beloved professor (at NU).

But I'm reminded of his early gubernatorial days, when the left on Beacon Hill - among them Barney Frank - was upset at Dukakis. In response to a question about the Duke's commuting habits, Frank snapped: I don't mind that he takes the T to work, I mind that he gets off at the State House.