One suspect in BU robberies turns self in

BU Today reports the suspect, not named because of his age, turned himself into Brookline Police around 5 p.m. and is being charged with two counts of armed robbery.



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That's probably what he hoped

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I mean, one of them was allegedly 13. That's solid seventh grade logic at work.

He's betting he is

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If you are getting 1/4th of the fenced cost of an iPhone and pocket change off of broke college students maybe two times a week while risking getting caught or shot (it's the other guy's dad's gun so you're just the mule for the stolen goods) and then someone offers you $10k and a reduced sentence to roll on the other three...

You can always make more friends.

BU Program for Prisoners

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Does this make him eligible for a scholarship in the BU Program for prisoners/

Unmarked police cars

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On a related note, I saw an unmarked police car driving slowly on St. Paul Street and then again on Pleasant Street in Brookline. I knew it was an unmarked police car because I saw the light bar behind the rear window.

Lil' Punk

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Maybe he knows he's been identified already, and just turned himself in to cop a reduced plea. Probably rat on his lil' crew. Armed robbery is a SERIOUS charge.

I is a very serious crime.

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I is a very serious crime. From the Globe today

" ....One pointed a gun in her face, put his hand on her shoulder, and said, “Don’t move or I’ll shoot,” she told police."

Judge LaTulippe's verdict/what should happen

I'm not going to advocate for the execution of a minor. I sentence him to 7 days at Guantanamo Bay, and juvenile lockup until the age of 18. Upon release, he will be placed in night classes at a high school so that he may obtain his GED. If I see him in my courtroom ever again for any felony charge, I will sentence him to the death penalty.

Wasting Tax Payer Money

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I'm betting that this kid was very young and hanging with kids who decided to do crimes, and then didn't know what to do, fearing that he would get shot.

Mom or aunt or other relative saw him in the video and dragged him into the police station.

Now, if THAT is what happened, and he rats out the other little punk fools, it would be a BIG WASTE of taxpayer money to put him in the juvie system - and it might backfire if he learned how to be a thug instead of a citizen.

If mom or grandma busted his wayward ass and did the right thing, they will ride his ass from here on out in ways that no parole officer could.


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But usually especially for young kids, they start them off in a residential treatment program that isn't specifically for offenders, for this exact reason. It definitely makes a difference whether someone is surrounded by people who think committing crimes is cool versus a setting with a more diverse array of teens who need social and emotional help.