Only a drill: SWAT team moves in on hostage-taking bank robber in Cleveland Circle

SWAT team surrounds car

Scott Eisen watched a SWAT team remove hostages and surround a suspect's car at the old Circle Cinema in Cleveland Circle today - part of a Boston-wide drill by area police, firefighters and medical workers.

Copyright Scott Eisen.



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good thing bank robbers always use crown vics

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All the new SWAT gear

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Where can I get one of those big black cod pieces? I need to protect my junk on the Silver Line. (I am seeing that correctly, right? They have external "cups"?)

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New terrorist tactic?

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So we now know that the "cloak of invisibility" tactic will NOT work against our Homeland Stormtroopers!

I feel safe.

No seriously, what the hell are they supposed to be simulating??

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