Oops: Groupon learns importance of checking the news before auto-posting offers

Groupon's initial Boston deal today was for a shooting range:

A bullet travels at hundreds of miles per hour, much like a beam of light or a kiss blown by Paul Bunyan.

They've since switched that to a deal on a trolley tour of Boston.



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      Sounds like Groupon, alright

      The most surprising part of this to me is that they actually changed their daily deal.

      Remember, this is the same group of assholes with a history of undercutting charities, running ads like these, and threatening business owners - among other crimes, of which they have committed many.

      Groupon is a toxic investment, for everyone involved. Protip for any "Grouponers" reading this: wait staff hates you, you are the scum of the earth to them. If you've ever wondered how everyone can rave about great service at a place that treated you like dirt after you tried to use a Groupon, you now know why.