Opening of new South Boston market delayed when it catches fire

The Boston Fire Department reports a two-alarm fire damaged Foodies, 230 W. Broadway, only a couple weeks before the store was due to bring gourmet food to South Boston.

The fire, reported around 11:10 a.m., started in the basement, but traveled to the roof of the former American Nut building. Sprinklers activated, sending water into the electrical system. There were no injuries.



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    Certainly Not Free Range

    The sprinkler system seems to have penned it in so that it couldn't turn around.

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    Boo Hoo

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    Where am I going to get my free range Thanksgiving turkey and quail eggs?

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    Yeah because businesses that

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    Yeah because businesses that cater to the wants of a community are such a bad thing.

    Go suck on a free range quail egg, hater. The rest of us in Southie want more of this, less fucking Dollar Store and 7-11.

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    I'm not one toot a stores

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    I'm not one toot a stores horn, especially an over priced one like Foodies.

    However, I lived near the Foodies in the SoEnd. I wouldn't do my full shopping there but when I really needed something and I didn't wanna be raped by Shaw's, I'd go here.

    For a small-ish store they did have a good selection of general groceries, and it wasn't all Whole Foods Crunchy. More of just an upscale neighborhood market. Yeah its pricey, again I wouldn't want to do my main food shopping here, but for a decent selection and "I gotta have it now", its great.

    I should add, they did have an awesome hot and cold foods area (deli salads, sandwiches, hot foods, a la carte fresh-chilled food). If you're single, and tired of eating out, this is a good substitution for home cooked food.

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    Typical racist statement

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    if it wasn't for these Asian and Arab owned businesses, these storefronts would have been turned into some overpriced condos years ago.

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