Orange Line drowns

UPDATE, 9:10 a.m.: MBTA says normal service has resumed.

The morning started with signal problems at Wellington (remember when the T seemed to spend several years upgrading the signals north of Boston?). Now, there's some sort of flooding that's so bad the T is urging people who need to get downtown to get on the Green Line instead, which is great advice unless you're nowhere near the Green Line.



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I was on the Orange line at

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I was on the Orange line at North Station this morning. The doors remained open while we all sat their like little sardines. The driver and the loud speaker did urge us to go on the Green line but, if I hopped on the Green line, I'd get dropped off further from my office and that's just not helpful either. I hope this gets fixed soon because today I got to work with a minute to spare. -Mea

Hey Mea

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I hate my morning commute on the T so why in the hell would i want to read about yours?

I am not too fond of my

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I am not too fond of my commute either. However, I find when you make light of it, it makes it a lot less miserable. :) -Mea

Hey Anon

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I have my own blog reading troubles so why would I want to hear about yours?

Misery loves company

"Misery loves company" or Schadenfreude are two reasons to read "eight million stories in the naked city."

I suggest, when encountering a sob-story guy or girl, tell them all the stories.

Also, why is the heat on in

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Also, why is the heat on in some of the cars of the trains on the Orange Line? Last night it was on in the first car, this morning the last.

I like reading Mea's blog. I would hate my commute if my nose wasn't stuck in a book, but misery enjoys company and likes reading about it too.

The "Use the Green Line" instead

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announcements at North Station would make a certain amount of sense, if only the T would actually run more trains to North Station to accommodate these diversions. E and C trains are already crowded enough during rush hour without adding a gazillion Orange Line refugees to the mix.

But I guess it's more important for management to loop D trains at Government Center and have them sit for five to ten minutes at Park Street ("headway adjustment") than it is to actually serve their passengers.

It's been said that the orphan child of the MBTA rapid transit system is the Green Line. If so, then service east of Government Center is clearly the orphan child of the Green Line.