Our first mayoral candidate

Mike Ball reports Will Dorcena, who didn't win in the fall at-large city-council race, plans to announce tomorrow that he's running for mayor in 2013.



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His sister, Linda

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would have a much better shot at unseating the mayah 4 life.

So this loser who couldn't get 1 of 4 votes for council ...

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So this loser is competing for 1 vote for Mayor when he couldn't get 1 out of 4 votes for Council. Is Dorcina Delusional? Maybe he wants to run against his sister Linda?

If Will was smart he run for State Rep against Angel Scaccia in his district of Hyde Park.

Yawn. This guy is delusional.

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Yawn. This guy is delusional. Spent the council race bitching about no one in the media caring about him or his ideas. Sad.

Actually, Dorcena is the

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Actually, Dorcena is the second person to say he's running in 2013.

Charles Clemons, who runs the pirate TOUCH 106.1 radio station in Grove Hall, announced his plans to run — Menino or no Menino— last year.

Talk about amateur hour.

Fur Shur?

Does anyone know whether Clemons is at all serious about this? I have seen nothing on his FB page or the TOUCH site supporting. FB has a couple of passing good wishes in comments, but nothing from him.

His info page has nothing. I can't find any website or campaign HQ or the like.

Is this a stealth campaign, one that hasn't really started, or was he just feeling jolly at his 50th birthday party?