Oy, gottenyu, what if Sandy's effects last through Friday?

Shabbos candles

Saul Blumenthal noticed that among the items the Waltham Shaw's put out on its Sandy table were shabbos candles, normally only used for celebrating the start of the Sabbath on Friday.

"Yahrzeit candles work better!" Greg Reibman offers.

Meanwhile, the Globe found some guy at the South Bay Home Depot who'd driven up from New Jersey to pick up a generator he'd reserved online. Seems the generator-desperate gentleman only thought to look up Boston stores after discovering generators were sold out from New Jersey to Ohio, which makes one wonder about the state of geography education in the Garden State.



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    Jesus, how many times do emergency officials have to say this?

    Half the fire calls during hurricanes are for idiots who have set their houses on fire after a candle fell over or was left burning unattended.

    Thank You!

    We made sure that our elders were adequately supplied with easy to turn on and off lights.

    LED lights can light up your house for 100+ hours on a set of batteries - way better and brighter (and cheaper!) than just about any set of candles can manage.

    FURTHERMORE, this is NOT a summer storm! Using a camp stove or burning sterno in a small, enclosed place (like many homes) is a very bad idea. Carbon monoxide can kill you!

    Or just don't be stupid

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    Keep them away from flammable shit and blow them out or bring them along when leaving the room. Same basic habit as turning off lights when leaving the room.

    We'd like..

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    We'd like to think people are that smart, eeka. But they aren't.

    Its like the same warnings on coffee cups ("Coffee is Hot")
    and plastic bags ("Don't use in playpens or cribs. Suffocation hazard")

    Its not to protect the masses, its to protect the stupid.


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    People know coffee is hot.

    People didn't know McDonalds (and others) had started heating their coffee to 190°F.

    People moan and bitch about that coffee lawsuit, and make comments in passing; but show them the photos of the elderly lady who brought the suit (mainly to just pay her medical bills) and they all change their tune when seeing the real, physical damage. It wasn't a normal burn, and it wasn't unreasonable to assume that food places weren't super-heating their coffee.

    But a stupid result of that

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    But a stupid result of that lawsuit is that every container that might possibly hold hot food or drinks now says "Caution -- contents may be hot" on it. Which accomplishes nothing -- it still doesn't tell people that McDonald's coffee is much hotter than they might expect.

    Don't forget

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    Get your Pork and Beans along with your Shabbos Candles!