Photos: Musicians on the T

Fred Palmerino has posted photos of buskers in action in 1999 and 2000. Any still performing?

Via Ride Like Charlie.



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If there was still someone

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If there was still someone playing a chapman stick on the T, I feel like my spider sense alone would alert me.


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I think that "Robert" may still be playing guitar, mostly in Harvard Square...if he's the guy who doesn't have much hair but what he has is pretty long...


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Cesar's still at it. I see him at various T stops and sometimes on the street. He has a great voice. He used to play regularly with another guy who provided harmony and played a mean guitar. They were often at Park Street, Red Line, but I haven't seen the other guy in a couple of years at least.


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I have seen Cesar at the Back Bay Station this past few months. I used to love to hear him as I was coming down that long corridor at State, since I knew the music would be great.

I think that I've seen his buddy in Boston Garden this month

at least the Davis Sq opera lady

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At least the Davis Square opera lady has vanished....worst evah

My favorite is still the blind banjo player

Bizarre T musician of the past

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Nobody remembers her now, but in the 80s or early 90s there was a street musician who showed up in various T stops with an off-key squeaky voice, playing a cheesy Casio keyboard (badly),and wearing a flashing space-helmet type device on her head. She was dead earnest in what she was doing but she was so kitschy-bad that there were even articles about her in the Globe and Phoenix. At least the poor dear was somewhat amusing and you couldn't help but admire her tenacity. Now there are a capella and karaoke people "singing" at T stations that are basically just beggars looking for a handout.