Pinkberry or die in Davis Square

Fans of the froyo chain now have a petition drive to try to overcome city opposition:

We believe that there is a need for Pinkberry, despite the presence of other frozen yogurt sellers in Davis Square, because the Pinkberry product and experience are unique, in part, due to the fact that the yogurt is uniquely tangy, the shop is not self-service, and the ambiance and products appeal to a clientele not currently being met by other businesses in Davis Square.



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Pinkberry is underwhelming

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I enjoy the chocolate froyo at Pinkberry well enough, but I find it to be quite underwhelming for the price point. Keep Pinkberry in the malls and the faux "Main Streets" like Legacy Place.

I've only tried Pinkberry

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I've only tried Pinkberry once (and in fact it was the chocolate) but I swear there was no flavor in the product at all - very disappointingly bland - just generically sweet. A big waste. The emperor's new frozen yogurt? I can't believe anyone would be lobbying for more of it.

I don't even live near there

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I don't even live near there anymore and I'd be sad to see a chain like pinkberry in davis. leave that for the rich harvard kids.


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And I'd be just as happy for people who WILL JUST DIE OMG without their Pinkberry to go away and hang out in Harvard instead.

remember, in Socialist Somerville...

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...Your Comrades and the Politburo get to decide whether your business is permitted or not!

Jesus, people: what the hell happened to a free market economy? Are we seriously issuing licenses for froyo joints now? If people don't like pinkberry at that location, it'll go out of business. HEAVEN FORBID DAVIS HAVE MORE THAN TWO FROZEN DESSERT BUSINESSES.

In case people hadn't noticed - Harvard Square has FIVE.

That's a pretty bad argument

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"In case people hadn't noticed - Harvard Square has FIVE."

In case people hadn't noticed, Harvard Square is terrible.

The city rejected their

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The city rejected their license because it would be turning space from retail to food service w/o meeting certain requirements, not solely because we don't need a third froyo place.


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I think JP Licks has much better tangy frozen yogurt and they're local.

re: fro yo

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I have tried way too many frozen yogurt chains in a variety of cities... The weird experience I have had with pinkberry is that on a hot summer day i wandered the city eating it and noticed it wasn't even melting -- it was so cold it was hurting my teeth, but not even melting, and still soft...? Davis has orange leaf and iYO and i am sure more than that....There is no NEED for pinkberry.... Davis has enough restaurants/bars/cafe/bakery/food, etc.... unless another quickservice concept with ethnic cuisine is going to offer something, otherwise...please put a cap on fro yo --- just because it isn't self service isn't a good enough reason.

Davis has iYo and Orange Leaf and JP Licks

the last of which is primarily an ice cream place, but they do have froyo as well.

Meanwhile, the rest of our city doesn't have any frozen dessert places at all, except for the seasonal Louie's on Broadway in East Somerville. Would someone please come to Union or Magoun square?


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Don't forget Q's nuts, which is in Davis Square if you're selling, has Christina's Ice Cream. Highly recommend them, probably the best smelling store I've ever set foot in.