Plan would give low-income students priority for good Boston schools

A BPS advisory committee is now considering a plan in which low-income students would get a better shot at elementary schools selected by their parents as a way to deal with the fact that too many Boston schools don't measure up, the Globe reports.

As with every other attempt to rejigger the current three assignment zones, officials are finding their latest proposals wind up with zones in which parents just would have no or little choice of schools that do well on standardized tests.



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Not fair to kids from

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Not fair to kids from struggling working class families.

While I see a ton that could go wrong

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with this, I'm quite sure working class families would be included in that. As long as they don't use race for it, this *could* be a decent plan.

This is going to backfire and

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This is going to backfire and make all middle class families, which only resort to private schools or moving if they lose the BPS lottery, to completely give up on BPS.

The city needs to stop playing musical chairs with students and fix the individual schools which no parent wants to send their children to.

So how long

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Do you think it'll take the BPS to figure out that low-income kids are the reason most schools aren't good?

BPS: Gee, the XYZ school was the most desirable in the city. Then we let the low-income kids pick first and it started scoring poorly. Let's shuffle the kids around more!

Back to square one!

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we might as well keep busing kids around, cuz giving LOW-INCOME KIDS Priority is the same as busing kids around! COME ON BOSTON LETS GET WITH IT!!!!!

So there are entire schools

So there are entire schools that don't do well on standardized tests? Full of Boston children? Today? Damn those anti-busing racists in South Boston!

Kind of like busing in a way ....

It pits middle class parents against lower social and income status parents in much the same way - and creates a distraction instead of solving the inherent problems of inequitable resources.

This is great news!

This is awesome news. I am gonna be so rich selling all the condos owned by families that moved into the South End and North End during the past decade who decide to leave the city now!