Plenty of supply, not much demand when it comes to Sox/Yankees tickets

Go ahead, find a scalper in Kenmore Square tonight and point at him and laugh hysterically. Just be sure you can run fast; he might not appreciate the humor of the situation.

How bad is it? Scott Thorn tweets:

I've had an ad up on Craigslist all morning for 3 tix to Thursday night's Sox-Yanks game at face value. Not one email so far.

Tickets of Boston adds:

We're selling seats 2 for 1 ($45 for $94 loge seats) for the Yankees, unheard of.



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A very good friend of mine asked me to accompany him to the game on Thursday. Usually, an offer like that (which he has made to me during better seasons) is pure gold. I declined, however, stating that, as much as I loved him, watching the Yankees kick the Sox collective ass was not my idea of a great night out.


"Fair Weather"? Maybe.

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I've been a baseball fan, and a Red Sox fan, since 1964. I always enjoyed going to a game, no matter how the Sox were doing that year. And I always defended them to people who said that they sucked, etc.

But it's not as though, lately, the Sox themselves have given anyone a reason to stay loyal. They dumped a nice guy like Francona after years of great service, but kept pure churls such as Beckett. That they finally dumped his ass is a good sign, but there are still plenty of jerkwads in uniform.

The Sox continue to charge outrageous prices for everything in the park, as well as admission TO the park; they plaster every inch of space with advertising; make every frickin' thing that can be sold the "official" whatever of the Boston Red Sox; and have given little indication that they give a rat's ass about anything aside from the bottom line.

(Yes, they will make trades, and sign free agents, etc., but that's part of the bottom line. As evidenced by the subject of this thread, that's what they'll have to do to remain financially viable.)

On a personal note, Fenway, once a place I adored, is one of the worst places on earth to see a ballgame these days. I'll admit that much of it is due to my incipient geezerdom. I enjoyed going somewhere to watch a ballgame and enjoy some baseball talk. Have you tried carrying on a conversation between innings in Fenway lately? Yes, I know - if the music is too loud, I'm too old. Fuck that. If the music sucks, I don't want to hear it. Nor do I want to hear ads. And for all the supposedly wonderful revamping done to the park in some places, they have never addressed the hideous seating in many areas. Sit in right field and you have to turn your head sideways to even have a shot at seeing the plate. Last year, when I went to a Sox-Yanks game with this same wonderful friend of mine, I spent the greater part of nine innings staring into his right ear.

So, "fair weather"? Yeah, I suppose you could say that, and I won't argue. You could also say "rational".


Face Value?

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I got tickets for $20 below face on stubhub for last night's game...

And what a game it was! I got

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And what a game it was! I got tickets from a friend, brought my son, and had a great time. Of course, we lucked out being at a close game won in the last inning, and I would definitely question paying the $94 face value at this point in the season.


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Scalping should be illegal. Ace ticket reselling = scalping.

What goes around..

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..comes around.

For years, they've been training us that Red Sox tickets (particualarly Sox. v. Yankees) are impossible to get, unless you knew somebody or payed out the wazoo. This message has been so successfully hammered into us non-hardcore fans that we don't even bother to try to get tickets anymore.

But hey, at least they're keeping that "sellout streak" alive. And like someone else said, it's nice to see the corporate scalpers get burned for a change.

Advice for Lucchino, Werner, and Henry

Cut the payroll in half, cut the ticket prices in half. Tell Scott Boras "no" once in a while. You'll field a better product and profit, too.

Stop the assault of marketing and aggressive vending inside Fenway. Turn down the music in there - you can't hear yourself think any more. No more $25 caps. No more $8 cokes. Stop the live ad reads between pitches on NESN.

Stop using the franchise like it's your personal ATM machine. Forget about "growing the business", and get back to baseball. You've lost your way and are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.


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Agreed, but had to deduct a point because you never mentioned killing off "Sweet Caroline".

You forgot to mention dumping

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the "Eastern Bank" fifth inning. Showing a bank logo on screen after every pitch is perhaps the most nasueating advertising gimmick I've ever seen.

No excuse

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for well paid professionals, both athletes and management, to perform so poorly as the Red Socks have. Especially with the prices they charge.