Police: Area woman just can't let Theo go

The Chicago Tribune reports a woman from Canton (yes, our Canton) was arrested in Chicago on charges of stalking Theo Epstein:

Recently, she found information about Epstein's new North Side home on the Internet and flew to Chicago on Monday, rented a red Mustang and plugged the address into the car's GPS navigation system, the prosecutor said.

On her Facebook page, Kathleen Kearney lists herself as a librarian at Brigham and Women's and lists the Boston Pilot - the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston - as one of her interests.

Innocent, etc.



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      Girls used to do this in college

      When I was in college, a Theo Epstein sighting at the Kenmore Square Uno's would cause a bunch of eligible single young women to mysteriously materialize out of nearby dorms to mingle with the not-much-older handsome millionaire.