Police investigate Red Line attack captured in YouTube video

UPDATE: Channel 4 tracks down, interviews the woman.

The guy who posted the video of the pummeling on Friday as the train was pulling into Park Street writes:

This was on the Red Line in Boston while I was on the way home from work. This drunk chick spent 5 minutes yell at this guy who brushed up against her dog when going to sit down. As soon as she threatened to hit him, I knew I needed to start filming.

MBTA Transit Police tweet:

MBTA Transit Police are aware of the video and are investigating. Anyone with information can contact us at 617-222-1212

UPDATE: A Salem woman with a dog and the same jacket with a skull on the back has taken down her Facebook and YouTube accounts. A T spokesman said police have spoken to the victim and that he does not want to press charges; if they find the woman, she will be charged with disorderly conduct.

H/t our own Kaz for spotting this - and getting a reply from the T.



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Yeah, so annoying!

My phone won't even allow me to start recording in profile, and puts up text telling me to turn it to landscape. At least this one is "fixed," in that the YouTube video is rotated to the proper but too skinny orientation. I can't tell you how many videos I've seen that are turned sideways because people are stupid.


What a disgusting excuse for a human being. $50 says there was an untrained, intact pit bull on the end of that leash. This woman is exactly why the breed gets a bad name.

I actually think the guys

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I actually think the guys taking the video or whoever is laughing in the background is also a disgusting excuse for a human being. Who laughs at someone getting hit in the face?

Brave New World

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We are in the brave new world of people joyfully recording incidents like this with their phones and devices rather than helping. This type of behavior was presaged in the famous final episode of "Seinfeld" where the main characters amusedly videotaped a carjacking/assault rather than helping. They were tried and convicted in the fictional town of Latham, Massachusetts, guilty of "doing nothing".

Are you really so myopic that

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Are you really so myopic that you can't see how much benefit this video brings? This is the kind of evidence that is going to get this woman exactly what she has coming to her. This is an extremely damning recording and if the cameraman had put down the camera to intervene, the attack itself may not have been recorded.

Amazing how shortsighted some people can be.

And besides

It's funny as hell.

Seriously, the guy didn't hit back because he was cracking up too much. Dude got Snookie-punched by this sad little bint. I bet he got more than one round out of that story.

camera guy is a dick

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he he he he! this is going on barstool! way to help out jackass.

question. if a female is blatantly attacking like that does a man have a right to knock her on her ass? she was obviously high as a kite and locked and loaded on this guy. the guy should have defended himself. if it had been a dude telling the whole subway car he was going to knock the shit out of a female i have to believe there would have been a line of guys ready to defend the female victim, before she became a victim. so if i step up and knock this fake rocker chick the f out am i wrong?

"yo yo yo yo, you dont know who you're fucking with"

yes i do, your name is probably abigail or emily and you are probably from CT or marblehead and you met some loser in harvard square who gave you some speed and took you to buy that jacket on harvard ave. ive known you or some variation of you for twenty years now sweetie. get past this phase go back to college and grow up please. we're not impressed.

try salem

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she's from salem

protip: if you and your friends comment on the video evidence of your assault charge, it makes it a lot easier to figure out who you are

News Article from Salem 2 years ago.

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James M. Caisse, 18, and James A. Gadreault Jr., 20, both of 286 Washington St., Salem, were arrested at 1:40 a.m., following a report of a fight on Lafayette Street near Porter Street. Police responded and spoke to the victim, Caisse's mother, and a witness, a friend of the mother. The victim told police she went to visit her son at his apartment. Inside the apartment were Caisse, Caisse's girlfriend, Melissa Cote (no age or address available), Gadreault, and another man. She said Gadreault and another put black bandannas over their faces and said they were going to rob someone.

The victim and her friend got uncomfortable and were going to leave. At the point, the victim said her son and his girlfriend attacked her. The victim suspects they wanted money from her. The victim and her friend managed to leave when a man in a black bandanna came out of the apartment building and demanded her purse. The victim said the man snatched her purse and threw her to the ground. The victim's friend followed the man back into the building but lost him. The victim's friend knew the identity of the robber by his voice and body type. She gave police Gadreault's apartment number.

Caisse was charged with domestic assault and battery and Gadreault was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery. Cote will be summonsed to court for an assault and battery charge.

question. if a female is

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question. if a female is blatantly attacking like that does a man have a right to knock her on her ass?

No. Unless your life's in danger, you do NOT hit a woman, even if she's wailing on you. Not cool.

why does the attacker's gender matter?

Unless your life's in danger, you do NOT hit a woman, even if she's wailing on you. Not cool.

If you're being beaten up, why does it matter what gender the attacker has? You should defend yourself if it's possible and safe to do so. I don't know if I'd have the presence of mind to react properly, but if I did I suspect I'd use my shod feet to try to kick the attacker off.

I never said he shouldn't

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I never said he shouldn't defend himself, I just said he shouldn't hit her back. There are ways to stop someone from assaulting you that don't involve striking them. In fact, just covering your head and absorbing the hits is a good way to start. If he WERE to fight back, she'd probably come at him twice at hard. She got in a few hits, then she stopped (no one pulled her off or had to restrain her). That guy probably didn't even have any bruises afterward, no need to make things worse by punching a drunk girl.

You are what we call an

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You are what we call an enabler....i would not hesitate to slap a bitch, cuz once she crossed that line, she no longer is a "woman"

now she will continue her shitty behavior. I wish a ***** would

He would have gotten arrested

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If he defended himself by using the exact same force she used on him, then he would have been arrested, as well. Plain and simple. She would have been screaming animal cruelty, so he probably would have gotten charged with that at least. Then, he would have had to hire an attorney at about $2k who probably would have gotten the charges dismissed. At the time, he probably didn't know there was video evidence of the entire incident.

Unfortunately, in today's feminist society, this is the reality all men face.


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"Unless your life's in danger, you do NOT hit a woman, even if she's wailing on you. Not cool."

Ridiculous! What kind of crazy rule is that? You don't defend yourself against a woman who is wailing on you? Why not? What makes women so immune to being hit back? What about the three women who attacked the man at Forest Hills Station recently in what may or may not be a hate crime? Are they immune from being hit back also because they are women?

No. Unless your life's in

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No. Unless your life's in danger, you do NOT hit a woman, even if she's wailing on you. Not cool.

This might be the most idiotic thing I've ever read on the internet, and I read YouTube comments. Once somebody decides to physically assault you, everything about their gender, race, etc. becomes irrelevant. This girl deserved to get exactly what she gave out; repeated blows to the head. She assaulted a seated, nonviolent individual. Fuck her.

Sorry, but this is incredibly

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Sorry, but this is incredibly sexist. If a man were wailing on you, you would have every right to defend yourself. You do not lose the right to self-defense because your attacker is a female.

You've based this on nothing more than gender, which is sexist.

Why do people need to take reasonable positions to such unreasonable extremes? How does "Don't beat your wife" turn into "Let any woman who wants to beat you do so."

No. You know what's not cool?

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No. You know what's not cool? Thinking you can go wail on another person without repercussion.

If someone, ANYONE, is willing to make a swing, they better be ready to take a swing.

Where is the controversy here?

Live in a city this is what happens. Belligerent drunks riding the subway. Why is this any different that what happens on the T after a sporting event? The crowd did the right thing by simply escorting her from the train and getting on with their lives. Even the guy she smacked seemed to take it in stride. Sheesh!

First punch was no joke

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I would have taken her to the ground and subdued her for police if she hit me like that and maybe if she was hitting someone.

Good Lord she's a hot mess.

I commend this guy's

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I commend this guy's restraint but once she threw the first punch, I would have hit her back.


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Not with a dog next to her. Pit bull or no, most dogs will not take kindly to anyone taking a shot at their owner, even in self-defense and someone would almost surely have ended up getting bitten. Guy did the right thing by just covering up and riding it out.


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The dog was muzzled...

Live in the suburbs

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and this asshole ran over you mother or daughter.

Really dude? Unstable Alcoholics aren't limited to the city. They even have them on the Cape and in Western Ma.

The Good Old Days

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The 'T' used to have unwritten rules about subway etiquette. For example always give a lady your seat. Those days are over and todays 'T' is more like an episode from Jerry Springer. Last week wasn't there another attack by the maneaters.

She needed Snooky response

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A "lady" with all the charm, poise, and decorum of Snooky needed a punch in return as a "teaching moment". She is the belligerent drunk, while the guy was a mellow drunk. If just one bystander had told her sooner to shut up and sit down, they would likely have had to deliver the lesson.

The Good Old Days

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The 'T' used to have unwritten rules about subway etiquette. For example always give a lady your seat. Those days are over and todays 'T' is more like an episode from Jerry Springer. Last week wasn't there another attack by the maneaters.


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By the way, I saw this via Reddit yesterday...but I did go look on Barstool Sports and sure enough the guy who took the video got it posted there shortly after having uploaded it to YouTube.

those videotaping are almost

By CaT on

those videotaping are almost as pathetic as the "lady" attacker. unbelievable. how on earth can they post something like this online, where everyone can hear them laughing? did they at least send it to the police as well?
poor poor guy.
i bet they wouldnt be laughing had she turned around and gave them some slaps as well.

In defense of the videotaper

If the train is in a subway tunnel, trying to call 911 or Transit Police or anything else probably will not work. Videotaping at least creates evidence that the police and/or the victim can use later.

Depends on your carrier

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Some provide end-to-end service on the Red Line now, don't they?

In any case, it's pretty obvious from the comments the guy was taping it more to get on Barstool Sports than to provide evidence for a criminal case - especially because up until the countdown, it seemed like, well, just some angry drunken chick, not some angry drunken chick about to unleash her angry drunken fists of fury.


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Here's a good tip

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If your friend in a distinctive jacket is featured in a YouTube video punching a guy, don't leave a comment on the video page about how wonderful she is if your user name can lead one to your Facebook page, which in turn can lead one to your friend with the distinctive jacket, because there are people out there with enough spare time to follow those trails, not that it really took all that much time.

Hello: This is not 1957.

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Hello: This is not 1957. The man being hit has a right to defend himself. How much force he uses would depend on her size - enough to get her off him would be enough.

(As far as standing up and giving your seat to a woman on the train - the rule should be to give your seat to someone who needs it - male or female. I would be embarassed if a man stood up for me, no matter how well meaning - I'm not fragile!)

Couple of points

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1 - The guy taking the video is a friend of the guy that was "attacked".
2 - He is apparently a 6'4 200 and something pound athlete and wasn't exactly "hurting" (at least according to the youtube comments I saw from them).
3 - I don't know about anyone else, but when anyone takes a swing at me, I instinctively swing back... I don't believe in beating woman, and I've witnessed some of that in my life unfortunately. That said, I would beat that bitch's ass.

Hope she gets arrested for

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Hope she gets arrested for assault.

Guy had every right to defend himself, doesn't matter if it's a female doing the assaulting.

disorderly conduct? he doesnt

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disorderly conduct? he doesnt want to press charges? he got a few good slaps.. but no blood was drawn... if that were a bad dude or a group of punks from roxbury or dorchester she would have been beaten down bad or stabbed or shot... one of these days shes gonna meet somebody tougher than her, a man or woman.. notice the guy had a few drinks in him and was holding a paper bag that held the bottle!!!!
and she has a record too.. i guarantee it.


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What would Swirly Do??

Present an opinion as

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Present an opinion as absolute fact and them argue it to death? It's charming when you think about it.


Cowards and Fools: Please be erased from internets.


Swirly will tell us all about how her husband's sister's brother in law had someone assault them on the T just last year!!

Then she'll remind us for the hundredth time how her little larvae are so well raised and are such forward thinking youth, that they would NEVER do anything like that on the T!

I was making a joke

and sadly, this doesn't surprise me at all. I think it is up to society as witness to these events to intervene and stop them, and when that's not possible, at least report them.

Enough with the ad-hominem crap

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If you want to take issue with some specific thing somebody's posted, go for it, but, really, a pre-emptive ad-hominem attack? Try counting to 10 next time.

Preemptive Response

Doesn't cyberbullying of women for daring to be present on the internet usually end up here:

Class Acts

Amazing to see the number of guys willing to take a punch at a short drunk chick. Jesus H. Christ, I had no idea there were so many tough guys on the internet. (rolls eyes)

This is unacceptable. This

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This is unacceptable. This woman should be arrested for A & B and disorderly conduct. I hope the guy is okay. Thanks one of the guys who videotaped the incident for the police evidence. Please keep the MBTA safe for many of us.

Things I don't get

I watched something about this on Channel 7 last night. The anchorpeople say: "police are looking for this woman" and show the video like twice, with the face of the perp fuzzed out! Hey channel 7, how am I gonna help the police find this person if you don't show her face? They don't do that with suspected bank robbers or 7-11 holdup guys- why do it here?
Also, why can't police charge people with something they saw them do on a video? What difference does it make if the victim wants to "press charges"? Is it a money saving thing? If the entire incident is captured on video, and there were multiple witnesses, why isn't that sufficient to support a charge against the perp? Clearly in the case of homicides there's usually nobody alive to press charges, so why is it absolutely necessary to have a victim's cooperation in an assault and battery?

Drunk chunky punky frump's

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Drunk chunky punky frump's behavior put everyone in danger so she should be sought & charged with assault & battery.

I was once on the redline between Andrew and Columbia (old days) and what started as a simple argument between a boy & girl turned into a full on melee and stabbing. Craziest ride I ever had on the T - so like i said charge the frumpy chunky drunk punk with A&B or at least get her for a bad hairdo and horrible fashion sense.