Police: Man left behind by bus in Revere catches up with it in Lynn, beats driver bloody

KouroyenAn Everett man was arrested last night after he allegedly beat and kicked an MBTA bus driver in a fit of anger over being left behind at Wonderland station, MBTA Transit Police say.

According to a police report, the driver had pulled his 455 bus into the Lynn commuter-rail station in Central Square last night when Paul Kouroyen got on, asked if he were the driver who had left him at Wonderland station and when the driver said yes, brutally attacked him:

Operator was operating Bus #886 Rte.#455 at Wonderland station at approximately 6:20 p.m. A white male, later identified as Paul J. Kouroyen, was chasing his bus as he left the station, banging on the bus. At approximately 6:40 p.m., when the bus arrived at Central Square Lynn, Kouroyen was also there. Kouroyen got on Bus #886 yelling at Operator and asked if he was the driver of the bus that left him at Wonderland Station. When he replied "yes" Kouroyen began punching him. He tried to defend himself, but during the struggle Kouroyen kicked him in the left shin. He sustained bruising to his left and right cheek, lacerations on his left leg and on his fingers.

Police say arriving Lynn officers found the driver, 50, bleeding from his mouth and nose. He was taken to North Shore Medical Center in Lynn for treatment and is recovering at home today, the T says.

Kouroyen faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - his shod foot.

Innocent, etc.



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Ah, Wonderland. The most

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Ah, Wonderland. The most magical place on earth.

Why did the driver say yes?

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I would have been like, "Nah man, that was someone else. I'll report it to a supervisor."

Wait - did he take another

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Wait - did he take another bus to Lynn, just to confront and beat up the 455 driver? I'm having a hard time picturing anyone getting from Wonderland to the Lynn busway on foot in 20 minutes.

How he got from Wonderland to Lynn

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This just in from T spokesman Joe Pesaturo:

After causing a scene because he missed the Rt. 455 bus, the defendant boarded a Rt. 439 bus, which brought him to Central Square twelve minutes before the Route 455 bus arrived.

He adds that so far this year, there have been 68 reported assaults against MBTA bus drivers, compared to 62 last year.

Ah, thank you.

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Ah, thank you.

Faster Service

I am not entirely sure why this guy was mad, sure he was left behind but now he knows for future trips the Rt. 439 bus will get him to his destination 12 minutes faster... He should have thanked the driver otherwise he may never have known this fact :) Some people are just plain stupid and there is just no treatment for it!

Maybe the reason that the 439

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Maybe the reason that the 439 gets to Lynn 12 minutes faster than the bus he was trying to catch is that the 439 doesn't go where he was presumably trying to get to. But having the 455 blow him off, he hopped the 439 to intersect it at Lynn, which wasn't where he was originally trying to get to, but where he could confront the driver of the 455.

I tried to compare the routes at mbta.com, but it's down at the moment.


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who hasn't secretly wanted to do that at least once?


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Assault a bus driver because my dumb ass couldn't get to the bus stop in time, and the driver didn't want to hold up 40 other people to make special accommodations for my idiocy?

Nope. Can't say I've felt the urge.

I guess you've never had the

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I guess you've never had the pleasure of one of the T's finest shutting the door on passengers waiting to board just because they want to get to their card game or the Dunks.

You must not have ever ridden

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You must not have ever ridden the 32, its pretty common to have 1-2 full buses blow by you between Cummins and Forest Hills

Yeah. *sigh* This is totally

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Yeah. *sigh* This is totally unacceptable, beating that poor guy up, and still some little voice in the back of my head is saying, "Serves you right, asshole."


I've certainly been plenty pissed off at hard-hearted bus drivers who wouldn't bend the rules and stop for me after they've already closed the doors and started off (although to be fair the rules ARE that they're not supposed to stop in those situations.) But I looked at the schedule for the 455, and it appears that the bus was already running a good 15 minutes late if it was leaving Wonderland at 6:20.

Yes. Deep down I am sure

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Yes. Deep down I am sure we've all been there. One day after running to catch the commuter train, a conductor hopped in the doorway and the train took off. While I was still on the platform, the conductor waved to me with a huge smile while I had to catch my breath and said "There's another one in twenty minutes." Thank goodness I had 20 minutes to cool down because that stunk. ;) On the other hand, the same scenario happened a few months later with a different conductor and he screamed "You look athletic! Hop on!" So, I got to hop on to the moving train. :) -Mea www.hertrainstories.blogspot.com

I agree

The bus drivers can be jerks, so can the trains. I got on the green line with 2 friends and the driver kept telling them to put in more and more money until I stopped him. Each fare should have been $2.50 they put in $7.00 before I stepped in and when I spoke up he tried to change his story saying "I said that was enough money". I was right there and not once did he say that, he said not enough money...