Police: Man punches Orange Line window

CoveneyMBTA Transit Police report a guy who didn't feel like getting off the Orange Line at Forest Hills around 1:20 this morning started screaming at workers. And when they told him police were on the way, he screamed even louder, then punched a window on the train, causing a series of cracks.

Police say they caught up with Robert Coveney, 51, in the station's upper busway.

He was scheduled for arraignment today at West Roxbury District Court on a charge of malicious destruction of property, due to the estimated $300 to $500 cost to fix the window, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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He is a handsome devil

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But let's not mock him. We need to show compassion.
Sad no one was there to tell him behavior was inappropriate.

If someone had told him to

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If someone had told him to stop, this guy likely would have assaulted them. Where no one except the assailant was at risk of harm in this case it was better to call the police than intervene.

Most of the parts

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are not manufactured anymore and have to be made or ordered specially by the MBTA. Hence why a lot of that stuff is so expensive

My interpretation

Once your car isn't worth anything, a minor accident will total it. And while you're 100% right about old Orange Line train parts being made mostly of unobtainium, I doubt glass is one of those.

I saw this very "man" over

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I saw this very "man" over the summer on the redline harassing a businessman and his businesswoman coligue while making sexual gestures and asking the businessman why he had "douchy pants"