Police say woman pulls stun gun on drug-store worker who caught her shoplifting

Quincy and Boston police are looking for a trio in a car registered out of Dorchester for an incident at the Granite Street Rite-Aid. Police say two women went into the Rite-Aid around 7:15 p.m. and that a worker nabbed one for shoplifting. The Globe reports the woman pulled out a taser during a struggle; she didn't use it but lost her hair weave in the process. Police say they fled in a green 1993 Honda Accord, Mass plates, 378-JP1.



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    If it were a human hair weave the DNA of the hair-grower would be in the hair. A synthetic weave wouldn't have DNA.

    I think Will was suggesting

    I think Will was suggesting that some DNA (hair, skin, etc) would transfer from the person's scalp on to the weave.

    This is probably true. It would be pretty easy to pull some DNA off of the weave. It would be very difficult to match the DNA to someone though. There is a chance that the person is in some criminal database with DNA matching. Sounds like a long shot to me though. I don't know if it is worth the time and $$ to process the weave and then hope for a match to an existing criminal database.

    Probably pretty difficult actually

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    I thought it was hard to get it from dead skin cells, since they don't have a nucleus; you need a lot of them to get enough DNA profile to be admissible in court. And you might not even have dandruff or anything on the weave if it wasn't sewn or glued close to the scalp but rather was more of a clip-in hairpiece or something that came off really easily in a scuffle.

    Relax, DNA doesn't matter

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    People, take a breath. They have a car tag, they have eyewitnesses, they probably have store video. They won't need DNA.