Police shut two Egleston Square stores - one for second time in 2 1/2 years

Boston Police report a raid on two shops on Washington Street yesterday by several city agencies ended with both shut down for a variety of alleged infractions.

Police, responding to resident complaints about possible gambling and sales of drug-related paraphernalia, say they shut the Dollar Store, 3122 Washington St., and arrested Mario Ovalle, 57, and Francis Gonzalez, 41, on charges of running an illegal lottery, after officers found betting slips not bearing the imprimatur of the state Lottery Commission.

Across the street, police say, inspectors checked out Super Mario, 3115 Washington St., where officers "observed and confiscated drug paraphernalia including plastic envelopes and baggies often associated and used in the sale of drugs." Also going on, police say: Illegal cigarette and CD sales. Police add fire and ISD inspectors found "sprinkler violations, blocked doors and exits, improper storage of food products and exposed electrical wires" and ordered the place shut immediately.

In 2010, police shut Super Mario on charges it was selling counterfeit name-brand clothing and sneakers.

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Almost anything

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can be construed as 'drug paraphernalia', even a ballpoint pen or a spoon.

It was the illegal lottery that they were really after.

Super Mario

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Haha I remember wanting to go into Super Mario when a friend of mine lived in Egleston, but always thought they were probably selling fake clothes. Guess I was right. The day i decided to go over there, someone got shot in front of Chauncy Liquors, so i said screw it!