Power out across Cambridge

Can you spot the Cambridge/Boston line on the North Point pedestrian bridge?Can you spot the Cambridge/Boston line on the North Point bridge? Photo by Matthew Woolf.

UPDATE: Power began coming back on around 6:20 p.m.

Reports pouring in of power outages from across the city: Kendall, Central and Harvard squares all without lights. Cambridgeport is dark. The Cambridgeside Galleria and the Museum of Science? Powerless. Even the Harvard Business School across the river might be out.

Some people got stuck in an elevator at Harvard. A family with a baby got stuck in an elevator at the River Street Whole Foods.

Cambridge Police report:

NStar says major transmission line failure to blame for the power outage in Cambridge. Will take several hours to fix.

The short might be in Central Square. Prairie Rose Clayton tweets:

Just biked through Cambridge. Central/Kendall all dark. Central smells heavily of ozone.

NStar reports 28% of the city is without power. Area 4 and Inman Square are OK.

The Red Line is dead, although a T spokesman denied a Twitter rumor that it was due to a deer getting hit at Kendall Square. "The Red Line is underground in Kendall Square," he said. Still, MBTADeer quickly sprang up.

Michelle, stuck on a 66 bus, tweets:

Major kudos to my MBTA bus driver who just asked us all if we'd just all like to go to the bar instead.

Kendall Square at rush hour. Photo by Brad F.Kendall Square at rush hour. Photo by Brad F.



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    Harvard sq too

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    Harvard sq too

    Oh deer

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    I heard that the outage was started when a Red Line train hit a deer going into the tunnel toward Kendall station. Can anyone confirm this? Sounds a bit bizarre, but stranger things have happened...

    What exactly is happening

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    What exactly is happening with the Red Line?

    The T website just says there are major delays, without saying where or how much.

    whereisthet has Red Line predictions that look reasonably normal.

    The red line is running. I'm

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    The red line is running. I'm on it heading home from work in the Kendall Sq area. There are delays.

    How bad are the delays? If

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    How bad are the delays?

    If it's 5 minutes extra, I'll deal with it. If it's an hour, I'll walk.

    The last time that happened,

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    The last time that happened, I heard about stations where the lights were out, and there was no emergency backup lighting. That's terribly dangerous -- an underground space that can hold thousands of people needs battery backup lighting as a basic precaution.

    Kendall in the Dark?

    Heck, people can't even manage to not walk off the platform when it is fully lighted.

    Cambridge PD not directing traffic anywhere

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    I find it hard to understand what they would be doing instead of directing traffic right now - it's dangerous (for cars and especially pedestrians) and well past the point of being obstructive to the flow of emergency vehicles were there an emergency.

    I just walked from Kendall to Allston and saw the PD directing traffic at precisely ZERO of the 9 lights i walked by, including Western at Memorial Drive. The only two cop cars I saw were sitting at Central, but not directing traffic - they just closed Mass Ave to force cars to go around on side streets.

    What could they be doing that they can't spare a single cruiser for Memorial Drive??? How would they respond to a more serious emergency?

    Memorial Drive is a DCR/State

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    Memorial Drive is a DCR/State highway road. Cambridge police not responsible.

    I have heard that police are responding to various emergencies (people stuck in buildings).

    same goes for state PD then

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    An hour is (or should be) more than enough time to respond to heavily trafficked intersections to direct traffic no matter who's responsible. If it's not, or if they don't have the resources, then they are clearly unprepared if there was some more bigger emergency.

    And as I said, I didn't see a single police car or uniformed officer anywhere between Kendall and the River St bridge save for two cars in Central, and busy intersections like Mass Ave/Vassar, Mass Ave/Albany, and Mass Ave/Main St/Sidney St were an unpoliced free-for-all. I saw numerous near-accidents and there's gridlock that would seriously hinder emergency responders.

    I saw police directing

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    I saw police directing traffic at Albany and Main at 5:15ish.

    I saw Cambridge police at

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    I saw Cambridge police at several intersections. But they were standing around in the middle of the street talking to each other, not trying to help with the huge traffic jams.

    Police are directing traffic

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    Rode the 69 bus HvdSq to Lechmere between 5pm & 6pm; we crawled slower than the normal crawl, east cambr much gridlock; i myself saw police directing traffic at various Cambridge Street (in East Cambridge) intersections, on the McGrath behind lechmere station, at Land Blvd intersection and past Sci Museum at Sorrow [email protected] Circle (i didn't notice which were State, which were Cambridge). Around 5:45 Cambridge-bound car traffic from downtown Boston was so backed up that people trying to leave the No.Station garage could not move. Yowza.
    Well...it could have been sleeting, too, but instead it's a lovely night with fabulous full moon rising, how 'bout that!