Probably just as well the state canceled plans to run Worcester Line trains to North Station

A.P. Blake reports a key part of the proposed route - the Grand Junction Bridge that spans the Charles under the BU Bridge - has had speed and weight limits put on it that are so severe the freight train that normally delivers produce to Chelsea couldn't go across it.



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Perfect timing...

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Interesting that this should happen just after CSX (a private, for-profit corporation) transferred ownership of that bridge to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The transfer was finalized on October 4, I believe.

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They completed the second

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They completed the second part of the sale agreement with CSX for the Framingham-Worcester segment last month. The Grand Junction line(including the bridge) and the other track segments in the deal with CSX (yard tracks in South Boston and the lines between Taunton and Fall River and New Bedford) were turned over to the state in 2010.

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Someone at the state failed

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Someone at the state failed to perform due diligence before acquiring that bridge.

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Consider ripping it up, iff...

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They replace it with an at-grade North-South Rail Link from SS to NS via the Rose Kennedy Greenway, where the old Central Artery used to be. It looks like it could fit two full-size train lines nicely.

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Back in the day

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There was an at-grade freight railroad running underneath the Atlantic Ave elevated where the Greenway is today.

And Montreal's waterfront park still looks like this:


On another note, the latest update is that the bridge is completely out of service now. This is a major crisis for the T, as they need to send south-side trains several hours out to Ayer and back in order to service them at BET...

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