Put a sock in it, Marg

Margery Eagan is outraged beyond belief that Robert Kraft made that cheesy demo tape to help out his possible girlfriend. Why, why, why, she sputters, the horny ol' goat has demeaned his children and his saintly late wife.

Not that some rich guy needs any help, but how dare she.

Did Kraft abuse this woman? Did he solicit her in a men's room? Is this woman underage? A Russian spy? A known typhoid carrier?

I don't know anything about the Krafts, but if Myra Kraft was as good a person as she seemed in public, I'm going to doubt her last dying wish was that her husband crawl into a shell and never come out after she was gone. Based on what we now know, Robert Kraft didn't break any laws or commit any grave acts of moral turpitude. Is he being silly? Unseemly? Even if the answer is yes, so what? He's an adult, the woman in question is an adult and Margery Eagan is just some pearl clutcher who probably needs to carry around a vial of smelling salts to help her recover from all the horrid, horrid things she spies.



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While I do think it's a little gross for a 30 year old woman to be dating a 70 year old man, it's none of my business...and it certainly shouldn't be front page news for the Herald. I will say that if he was going to start dating less than a year after his wife's death, he probably shouldn't have been talking to the press all year telling them how broken up he was and how he didn't know how he'd survive without Myra. Case in point,

My favorite quote- After that, Kraft acknowledges that “I’ve got to find a way” to pass the time in his personal life until the Patriots start gearing up for the 2012 season."

I guess he found a way...


Adults dating AND using swear words?!?!?!?! Inconceivable!

I do appreciate Margery's psychic ability to not only know what the living Krafts think of all this, but also the deceased.

FYI: Marg doesn't represent all women

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Do I think that Mr. Kraft is ridiculous? Yes! Praise God for the little blue pill again. Does the video embarrass his family? Yeah, probably but - newsflash - widowers are allowed to date.

Does the age difference make me cringe? Sure! Does Barney Frank marrying a guy who's 30 years younger squick me out? Yep. Same with the young bride of John Henry.

Here is where I object to Marg's column: What does Myra have to do with it? Nothing. Not a darned thing.

If Marg wanted to be the moral compass of the Patriots, she should be writing about Gronk partying in Aruba with teenage girls or posing almost naked on a magazine cover. He gets a pass because he's young and fun and the Inside Track gals love him.

If Marg wants to complain about the Kraft family's management of the Patriots, she should write about Wes Welker not having a contract yet.

You nailed it. Although

You nailed it. Although Barney's hubby, while young, is a bit less jailbaity, if that's a word.

Also, I give people who have had a traumatic loss a pass to occasionally do stupid shit for a full two years after the trauma. Which explains R. Kraft, but not to my knowledge M Eagan.

The news

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had a few fat, outraged women saying how horrible it all was.

So there's that I guess.

Meanwhile I'm wondering why it's an outrage, and what business it's of anyone else. His total lack of acting ability seems to be the bigger story to me.

"had a few fat, outraged

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"had a few fat, outraged women"
I don't like this, generalizations and all, I thought we were above that, no?

As far as I know, Egan is not at all fat. I take this comment as an insult to women.


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can be fat, judgmental and pigheaded too.

I'm an equal opportunity offender. I wasn't talking about Egan, but the chumps the news got to "go on record" of this affront to dignity. Hey, at least they got on TV, right?

Anyways, so much for feminism, right? Why is Kraft the villain, when it takes two? Why the outrage and disgust for trading company for money and status?

They're grownups, MYOFB.

(The TMZ punditfication of the news and everyone needing to give their 2 cents is what gets my goose)

I assumed

That the "fat" part had to do with the kind of people the TV news put on camera to be "outraged" about something that isn't anything of their - or our - or the TV "News" goddamn business.

Consenting adults, people. Move along.

I don't understand all the outrage

And I would only find it slightly embarrassing. Some people were being silly and having fun with something - gee, imagine that. Kraft's response statement was perfect.

I wouldn't want to be the guy that leaked the video and have Kraft find out. 0-:)

I wonder....

Does she wear one of those Pats jerseys with "MHK" on it when she sleeps over Bob's house? Dollars to doughnuts they met at the Liberty Hotel, the place where women with big dreams meet men with big wallets.

I also wondered if she's getting pointers on the care and feeding of old millionaires from Linda Pizzuti? Another graduate of the Liberty Hotel Thursday evening school of business, Pizzuti is considered the gold digger's gold digger. If John Henry ever dumps her, expect to see her giving courses on it at the Learning Annex.

And in conclusion, Linda Holliday watched the video late last night on the computer as Bill B snored away in the background. She glanced back at him and whispered to herself; "If only I had waited, if only I had waited....".


Unlike Marge, Bob Kraft has never been divorced. Talk about throwing stones in a glass house. What a judgmental snot she is.