Pit bulls rampage in East Boston, kill cat, bite teen, one is shot

The Globe reports the teen is expected to survive, as is the dog a police officer shot this afternoon in Maverick Square.


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If that doesn't get Eastie on the news, nothing will. I haven't turned on a tv or radio, nor read the paper, but you KNOW if 2 dogs were shot anywhere, it would be top of the hour stuff. Wonder if it holds true for sound proof East Boston, where all sorts of stuff happens that you just never seem to hear about.

Saratoga Street has gotten

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Saratoga Street has gotten ridiculous over the past few years and yet the media refuses to pay any attention and help get better police patrols.

So True-

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You are so right , To much is kept quiet here in Eastie it's been like this for for quite some time.

Yikes. I have no hatred for

Yikes. I have no hatred for pitties, but I was mauled by a much smaller, weaker dog a few years ago, and it STILL landed me in the hospital and ranks as one of the more terrifying moments of my life. I cannot imagine how much scarier it must be to have a large, strong animal attack. I hope the owners are held responsible.

East Boston has a rpoblem with Central American

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gangs. And they usually harass and target their own people. I know one decent Salvadoran kid who has been jumped and badly beaten multiple times just coming to and from work.

Then of course you've got the druggies and all that entails.

It really comes down to a lack of economic opportunity. The well paying jobs that used to exist for those without a college degree no longer exist. I use to remember when Boston Acoustics use to manufacture stereo speakers in East Boston, now of course off-shored.The jobs for those with college degrees are even not keeping up pay-wise.

They aren't manufactured there

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But they were manufactured here in the Boston area up until I believe sometime in the 90's. They're still headquartered here.

The gang members aren't

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The gang members aren't looking or jobs. They already have a lucrative racket and like the lifestyles. These people aren't robbing and stealing for necessities.

Furthermore their victims are often other equally affluent neighborhood residents, it's all about the sense of power.

Well pt II

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My original comment was on the actual story, which has nothing to do with gangs. I know when the media (large/mainstream) covers gangs they do mention Eastie has some. My point was (is) that some things do happen in East Boston that would be major news if they happened elsewhere. As for the rest of the discussion, that's low income life for you. No different now than it was 30 years ago. I lived here and I know. There were always nuts with mean dogs, always gangs of kids or sections of the neighborhood you were told "weren't safe" and always a tight lid kept on the information aspect.