The Real Housewives do some parade pre-gaming

Needless to say, use headphones if at work:



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      Man, Marky Mark's Cousin is

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      Man, Marky Mark's Cousin is such a one-note gag (like the whole series, really) and yet I laugh at him every damn time. My comedy standards are not high.

      As you say

      The whole series is sort of a one-note gag, but it's feckin hilarious. Now go run down the packy and get me a cahtan a Pahlaments.


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      But that's why the double-thumbs up save on his wife totally caught me off guard. Hilarious!

      I even like their self-referential bits like "Jacky, nobody even knows wheah Route 34 even is!". Was one of the biggest complaints from all the locals after the first one was put online...and they ran with it. Good stuff.

      Jeremy Lin Rape: Tough town to be Asian

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      Can someone help with the allusion to 'the kid who looks like Jeremy Lin that got raped'? What could this possibly mean?