Red Line service stopped due to guy who decided to go for a jog down the tracks

Red Line walker. MBTA surveillance photo.Red Line jogger. MBTA surveillance photo.

The T had to stop inbound Red Line service from the south shortly after 7 a.m. to try to get this fool off the tracks between Andrew and Broadway. The T reports he managed to flee before police could detain him and ask what the hell he was thinking.

In the MBTA surveillance video below, he appears at around :05 (way, way at the top of the screen) and then hops onto the tracks around :35:



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I like how the 2 guys sitting appear to be showing zero attention to the crazy guy walking on the tracks.

Because when you pay

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Because when you pay attention to the crazies, they somehow think that you want to talk to them and then you get sucked in. When I first started commuting on the T and commuter rail, I'd somehow always get stuck talking to the crazy person. However, I quickly realized that if you don't make eye contact, they just go on being crazy with out me! :) -Mea

Managed To Flee?

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Where? He was in a frickin' tunnel. Did they actually miss capturing him at someplace with light available, perhaps at Broadway station, or did he disappear via some exit within the tunnel? Maybe I'm missing something, but it sure seems like an easy capture.


There are emergency exit

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There are emergency exit stairs between Andrew and Broadway

Emergency Exit

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Surely the T Police know where the emergency exits are.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but if some shirtless (probable) crackhead can evade capture within a freakin' tunnel, then it's open season for anyone with massive harmful intent. All the security theater and bio-terrorism drills mean shit.

Well, I guess we sort of knew that, but still.


Crack is Whack

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Crack is Whack Folks.. No Shirt, walking thru a busy subway tunnel at the begining of rush hour. It looks like he doesn't have any shoes on.

Looks like someone high on drugs (Crack, Coke, Meth, or Bath Salts)

If it looks like duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

Well, as many episodes of Fox

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Well, as many episodes of Fox Television's 'Cops' has shown us time and again, whenever there's trouble, a shirtless, running man is usually behind it.

How many volts?

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Looks like he is inches from the third rail. This could have become a powerful educational video, if only...


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ain't the volts that'll get you, it's the amps.

600 Volts

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The worst, and last day of your life.

I once saw a guy

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similar to this one on the Southbound Red Line, shirtless and running back and forth on the train, jumping off the walls, and finally, rolling around on the floor.

My friend's response? "If you're going to do drugs, STAY IN YOUR HOUSE."

I'd imagine there are plenty of that type kicking around the southern branch of the Red Line.

Hello -- ever been in Anstewed Square at 7AM

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Another member of the "Dawn of the Dead." Ever seen some of the characters walking(ambling or shufflin') through the Square or T station at 7AM. Absolutely, does not surprise me.

They need all manner of cops, nannies, soc workers, and other weirdoes to contain the crowds and zombies comin' down from the clinics in the morning.

I remember a time when you could walk from Andrew to Broadway (or beyond) if one missed the last train at night. No one cared. I did it several times in the 70s and 60s.

I saw a young guy running

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I saw a young guy running through Andrew Square one morning wearing nothing but boxer shorts. He was filthy..covered in dirt from head to toe. Looked like he slept in one of those tunnels.


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He could be returning home to his condo in the abandoned tunnels at Broadway where a colony of CHUDS live and the transit police are afraid to venture.