Red Line workers may need their own memo about sleeping on the job

Channel 25 reports MBTA officials are investigating a photo by a channel viewer that appears to show a T worker asleep at Wollaston during rush hour yesterday.



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How about the one operator per train idea?

I've lost touch with this plan. From what I remember, there is currently one train operator on the blue line, and the MBTA wants to have one train operator on the red line. Do you suppose they'll still see this as a good idea? Just imagine the sole train operator falling asleep...

Trains have "dead man"

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Trains have "dead man" switches that if the operator isn't actively responding the train simply stops.

I can't believe we are paying these (at least he full time) people 80k a year to fall asleep on the job.

If the train driver fell

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If the train driver fell asleep, what do you think the mid-train guard would do about? And could they do it before the automatic train stop did something first?