Romney loses Massachusetts


In related news, the Globe reports Logan faced a problem this afternoon when so many Romney supporters were flying into town in their private jets the airport was running out of space to put them all.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, he lost the national election, too.



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      he made me out as a loser,

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      he made me out as a loser, both as governor and as a candidate (of course he never really wasnt a candidate).

      I'm happy to return the favor, Mitt! I hope you lose by 10 electoral votes, so that our vote actually counted for something.

      Double play

      Lost his "other" state if Michigan as well. Trile play? Any guestimates on Utah?

      so far he's lost mass, mich,

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      so far he's lost mass, mich, and NH.... too early in utah and california.

      he's going to need to buy some more houses