Roomier roaming along 128 south of the city this week

MassDOT reports it's opening the remaining fourth-lane sections of 128, er, 93/95/1/Hut!, between Randolph and Westwood this week. Schedule of segment openings. Important note:

With the opening of the new fourth travel lane, the authorized use of the breakdown lane for travel during weekday peak commuting periods will be discontinued to enhance driver safety and provide emergency vehicle access.

In other words, from now on, the breakdown lane is only for breaking down in.



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i hear ye swirly

once everyone figures it out, it will be a better option. im one of those guys doing 70mph in the breakdown lane and getting upset at people who are trying to get on the highway at 30mph. driving in the breakdown lane raises the chances of an accident, a flat tire, hydroplaning, or yelling at an old lady with blue hair. i always prefer the far left lane and now ill be staying over there.

ive was wondering what the hell they have been doing for the last five years.