Roslindale dog sinks teeth into brie - and the knife that went with it

Knife on X-ray. Image via MSPCA/Angell.Knife on X-ray. Image via MSPCA/Angell.

Angell Animal Medical Center surgeons managed to extract a knife from Bean the Roslindale Bull Mastiff last month. No word on whether they left the cheese, however. The MSPCA reports:

Sean [Berte], who lives with his wife and several other pets in Roslindale, set the plate down on the coffee table and left the room for only a moment when Bean — a Bull Mastiff who weighs in at 118 lbs — leapt onto the table and devoured the cheese (and knife) in no time flat. Upon returning to the room and finding both the cheese and the knife missing Domenici immediately rushed Bean to Angell's Emergency and Critical Care Unit.

Angell reports Bean was spared serious internal injury because she swallowed the knife handle first.

Bean continues her convalescence at home where Sean and Jillian are keeping a much closer eye on her to avoid further trips to the animal emergency room. Said Sean about the ordeal: "It's obviously a very scary moment when you realize that your dog has consumed a knife. ...



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