Roslindale to get bandstand, indoor/outdoor pool and plan for library renovations

Mayor Menino and City Councilor Rob Consalvo visited Adams Park this morning to discuss the city's plans for capital spending.

In Roslindale, they said, Adams Park will get a permanent bandstand and new paths, while the Flaherty Pool will get renovations that will include the ability to open the pool up in the summer to a new patio, turning it into the city's first public indoor/outdoor pool. The Roslindale BPL, meanwhile, gets money for a study to plan for future renovations, such as a meeting room and blinds for its unique curved windows that can let in some light without blinding patrons. People who drive to the library will get a smoother ride after Cummins Highway is repaved later this year.

The announcements are part of a $200-million capital plan for the coming fiscal year that will also see Almont Park in Mattapan get a new artificial-turf football field and East Boston a whole new library to replace its current two small branches.



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      We should have mayoral elections every year

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      Interesting progression:

      Capital expenditures (budgeted):

      2005 - Not available online (Mayoral election)
      2006 - $116 million
      2007 - $135 million
      2008 - $172 million
      2009 - $192 million (Mayoral election)
      2010 - $134 million
      2011 - $152 million
      2012 - $186 million
      2013 - $228 million (Mayoral election) -

      Seems like the closer you get to a mayoral election, the more money we have and the more it rains out of city coffers. Perhaps just a coincidence?

      A councilor told me long ago - whenever we want to do something the city's always broke. When the mayor wants something, the money magically appears.

      Any more questions about whether he's running again?

      WiFi for Rosi

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      I hope they will put WiFi in Adams Park and design more informal seating (remove the benches that face Cummins highway, for example and create some flat areas like raised planters that people can sit on.)

      Huh, the WiFi there doesn't work anymore?

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      Not that it was ever very good, with its registration requirements and all, but still.

      And yeah, replacing those awful metal-rod things in the middle of the park with something a normal human can sit on would be great!

      wifi is up in adams park...

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      ...from both the public library (used lately) and city free networks (haven't used in a while). And at the top of the square at Select cafe (free) and the Birch Street Bistro (have to ask for pass). Below the square there's free wifi at A&N pizza (just down the street from the Irving school).

      I hope when the park is redesigned they take into consideration that over the last decade, the farmers market/summer concerts/egg hunt/tree decoration/etc have become hugely popular. Any new layout should allow for these large reoccuring events.

      The current two path setup was fine for a park that saw only occasional visitors or passers-through, but now heavy foot traffic at events is beating down some of the grassy areas, and folks (mostly young kids) also end up running through and trashing the flower beds (not maliciously - the beds are right in the natural pathways anyone would take across the park). Corralling people onto paved areas just makes for uncomfortable crowding (and doesn't really work).

      Removing some of the larger periphery hedges and moving the decorative flower beds into their place would free up space for better paths, give the whole neighborhood the benefit of added color, and make the park more inviting to the eye and casual passerby.

      (It might also encourage drivers to slow the heck down as they whip by, as it would be more obvious that the area is also a pedestrian square. But that's probably just unfounded optimism on my part.)

      Oh, the irony

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      They announce plans for a bandstand the day that Dick Clark passes away.

      RIP, Mr. Clark.

      not approved

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      These projects have a long ways to go before they are actually part of an approved budget. This announcement by the mayor is very premature.