Blue Hill Avenue drying up: Another bar looks to be shutting down

The owner of the Breezeway, 153 Blue Hill Ave., goes before the Boston Licensing Board on May 2 for permission to sell his liquor license to a proposed Brazilian meat place in the Back Bay.

The move would leave Packy Connors as the only bar on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury and Mattapan. The Avenue Tavern in Mattapan Square shut in 2010.

Breezeway owner Christ Stamatos or his son, who now manages the bar, have made numerous appearances before the licensing board over the past couple of years due to a series of violent incidents.

If approved, the license would go to Fogo do Chao, a Brazilian chain that wants to open in the Westin Copley space vacated by Palm, which is moving to International Place.



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Liquor Stores

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They might be down to one bar but I bet there are still a dozen liqour stores along Blue Hill Avenue and the locals done't need a bar when they simply buy booze in the liquor stores and drink it walking down the street ( I drive down BHA twice daily and see this all the time both in the morning and at night)

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You obviously know what Roxbury & Mattapan locals need...

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Because driving up and down the street and seeing those who do drink in public is clearly a fair representation of everyone you never meet by not leaving your car or experiencing the neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, you're not obliged to get to know the residents of those neighborhoods, but don't post on here pretending you know the community based on the observations from your car.

A bar in Roxbury or Mattapan for residents to socialize and drink legally in would do more to strengthen a community that needs it than placing yet another housed in already saturated downtown.

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Yes to Fogo!!!

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Yes to Fogo!!!

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Buried lede

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Fogo de Chao is coming? That's outstanding.

Don't get me wrong, I love Midwest Grill and Cabana, but Cabana's a schlep and Midwest's portion of Inman is still pretty desolate. Both are kinda crap compared to places in Somerville, Everett, Newark and Philly, so Fogo's going to be a nice little addition.

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