And you think we're a tough crowd.

One of RCN's 14 or so customers adds:

It's days like this that I'm happy that RCN offers the YES network.

And just to keep the feeling going, here's a recap of what happened on this day in 2004.




Be nice to RCN

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The day I said goodbye to Comcast was one of the best internet and cable days of my life. I think I've saved $5000 over the past 4 years and I have almost every cable channel known to mankind.

We are among those 14

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Switched to RCN for cable a year or so ago and then ditched Verizon for phone and Internet a couple of months ago. So far, so good.

another happy customer

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We've had RCN for 12 years and have been very happy. I laugh when the Comcast guys come to my door and are shocked at my rejection of their offers to switch.

Just pray that..

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Just pray that you don't have a service problem. I had RCN for a few years and their customer service is awful. It makes Comcast Customer Service look like a dream come true.