Scott Brown's compounding problem

The Globe reports on Brown's request to the feds to back off from the way it regulates compounding pharmacies - such as the one in Framingham that's now responsible for more than a dozen deaths.



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Reducing regulation to

Reducing regulation to increase the availability of medications facing critical shortages and create jobs Vs. Increasing the likelihood of potential screw-ups leading to incidents like the current one.

Pick your poison, literally.

I'm a Warren supporter

But, I really don't see a problem with this letter. I think it would be safer to send compounded pharmaceuticals to a patient's doctor rather than the patients themselves. That is,if the drugs themselves are safe to begin with.

job killing regulations

14 deaths is a pretty good indication that the regulation regime Scott Brown is defending is broken. Do you think he'll see it that way?

The other members of the Mass. delegation wrote a letter requesting the Federal regulatory agency to be given oversight authority. We'll see if Mr Bipartisan Moderate gets on board with that.

reflection of his character

I'd expect Scott Brown to apologize for his Senate staff, who made national news acting like a jackass.

Warren's campaign manager Mindy Myers did the right thing.

Mindy apologized for the inappropriate behavior of supporters, not staff supporters, at a pre debate rally in Springfield. Scott won't apologize because he wants his supports to mock Warren, even though he knows it cheeses off some Native Americans who take it as an insult. Scott Brown's failure to do the right thing is a reflection of his character.

Once more, with comprehension

There is a difference between people who show up to support a candidate behaving badly, and PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR A CANDIDATE BEHAVING BADLY.

I'm sorry you are too blind to tell the difference - hint, the actions of those in somebody's employ are DIFFERENT from the actions of "random people who show up".

Then again, you probably believe that Brown represents MA and not the GOP and his own EGO.

Once more for those not

Once more for those not completely in the tank for a candidate.

The union members weren't random people who showed up to the event. They were deliberately brought to the event by the Warren campaign and that's why Mindy Myers, Liz's campaign manager, issued a formal apology.

And ...

When did Brown issue a formal apology for his PAID CAMPAIGN STAFF?

oh, hell guys knock it off okayyyyy? Pweettty Pweese or there won't be a kegger after ... I'm warning you ...


Waiting ...

Mindy Myers apologizes to Ross Hemminger

It has come to my attention that some of our supporters made very inappropriate comments to you outside the Springfield debate hall tonight. On behalf of Elizabeth and our campaign, I am writing to express our deepest apologies. Elizabeth completely denounces this kind of behavior, and we are very sorry it occurred.

- Mindy Myers, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager (in an e-mail to Ross Hemminger soon after the incident on Wednesday night.)

In other news, Lisa De Pasquale, interim chairwoman of the board of GOProud, a gay conservative group, endorsed Scott Brown, the US Senator that called equal rights for LGTB Americans a "pet project", who called gay marriage in Mass. "settled law" but who will not respond to questions about how he'd vote on a bill to repeal DOMA, which deprives gay married couples of equal rights on Federal law.

To recap, Warren apologizes for supporters. Brown does not apologize for US Senate staff. Brown refuses to answers questions about his position on issues citizens have every right to know before they cast their ballot.

Ya, I saw a bunch of Warren

Ya, I saw a bunch of Warren people in Wakefield Saturday morning. Some seemed like Union folk from where I was. Funny thing was, no one else even stopped to talk to them. They were being more of a pain than anything, walking out into traffic, one guy with a sign was so excited I guess to be there, he walked right out into the street and everyone had to slam to avoid hitting him.

I don't think they made any new friends Saturday morning.

And there is also a difference

Between one ugly incident being covered by both the Globe and UH and Blue Mass Group like the D-Day Invasion, and the other being barely mentioned at all.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along. And remember: All candidates are equal, but some candidates are more equal than others.

Election season would not be complete

without an Orwell reference.
Have you possibly considered that there is only so much time in the day to write articles?
Blue Mass. Group is also clearly biased: I mean, they announce their Democrat-ness right in their name, what do you expect?