'See something, say something' might prove a double-edged sword

The Knight saw something tonight, so he said something - on Twitter, where he posted a photo of an MBTA Transit Police officer apparently asleep at the Mattapan trolley stop. Transit Police report they are now investigating.



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They just opened a can of

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They just opened a can of worms. To the internet mobile! Lets catch all these lazy cops, rangers, n troopers slacking

Try finding a transit cop at (gasp) a transit police station

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Almost all of the transit offices in the various stations have been closed for a while, or have no public access. I'm genuinely curious where the photo was taken, because I haven't seen a booth or station where you can actually see or talk to a transit officer...in years.

The Transit police booth at Alewife? Closed and boarded up for over a decade, as long as I can remember.

The Forest Hills police station? There are actually transit cops there, but if you go to the main entrance where there's a sign, you'll walk into a completely empty, unlit room. Not even a phone or doorbell.

Is there even a police station at DTX? South Station? Probably, but I doubt anyone knows where to find it or anyone's actually in it.

All the platform police booths have been boarded up for years, like the one at Back Bay.

Meanwhile, the only time I seem to ever see the transit cops: driving around in their cruisers. When I do see them on the subway, they just stand there talking to themselves, instead of, say, walking each train car, going on to the next car at each station, etc.

usually empty, but not boarded up

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I recently peeked into the Alewife police booth...and there was a cop in there! It really startled me.

JFK station?

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Speaking of transit police booths, has anyone ever seen a human in that trailer-like police booth outside JFK ststion (next to the parking lot on the Sydney Street side)?

And while we're on the subject - does anyone know what they're attempting to do with that whole space out there? A few weeks ago it was fenced off, and it looks like there are some building materials in there - but of course nothing significant is ever happening there when I walk by. It IS kind of annoying that this cuts off a quasi shortcut to get to the station entrance.

There's actually two. There

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There's actually two.

There is an offier assigned to the desk located under the clock at the train station and there is a full Transit Police substation located in the bus terminal!

Ya, DTX has a police station

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Ya, DTX has a police station on the outbound red line side but it too is always closed.

closed one

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in Broadway T stop too, at the very end of the platform.


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He apparently is checking out the leaking roof. It has been raining for the last week.

I am planning to use it to

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I am planning to use it to take pictures of Commuter Rail conductors who can't be bothered to collect fares. That is fare evasion right?

How about "Didn't see something, say something"

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My main problem with the MBTA is when I'm waiting for 20-30 minutes beyond when the bus was supposed to show up. On a key route.

Can you figure out a way to take a picture of a bus that isn't there?

Did someone check his pulse?

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Given his age and physical condition - and skin tone (although that might just be the photo), I might have been more inclined to call an ambulance. Or at least knock on the window to get a response.