Seriously? Police say woman throws paint on 54th Massachusetts memorial across from State House

Yellow memorialPhoto by Matthew I.

Boston Police report arresting a Quincy woman on charges she threw yellow paint at the memorial across from the State House this afternoon.

On arrival, after confirming damage to the memorial, officers were able to locate the suspect who was still on scene being detained by Park Rangers. Officers observed yellow paint on the suspect's face, hands and clothing. Additionally, a can of yellow paint was seized as evidence.

Rosemine Occean, 38, of Quincy, was charged with willful and malicious destruction of city property.

Innocent, etc.



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Oh for crying out loud! Who

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Oh for crying out loud! Who the hell does this? A beautiful monument, representing hours of hard work, effort and skill of one of America's finest artists, depicting a terrible time and a proud story that all Americans should know about while honoring a tremendous loss of life and sacrifice - and what point are they making here? If this person is not genuinely certifiable, I want them to scrub this off with a toothbrush....right before I cut off their arms with a machete!

Crazy people

I'm betting that she is yet another person who lacks or has refused appropriate mental health care.

Spot on.

Now if we can get people to understand that the acts of crazy people are caused by their being crazy and not the implements they happen to be employing at the time of their acts, maybe we will all be a bit safer. Otherwise, get ready for a 7 day waiting period on paint.

Yeah it's such a shame you

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Yeah it's such a shame you have to wait a whole 7 days to get your rifle.

I can't believe I'm reading that. Give me a break.

Innocent until proven guilty by a jury, I say

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Did anyone see her do it? Even if they did, have investigators bothered to recover video surveillance tapes?DNA? Perhaps this is a cross-racial identification? Maybe she's a Swedish soccer fan and that explains the yellow paint on her face. Maybe she wrestled the can of paint out of the REAL vandal's hand?
This sounds like a botched investigation already...


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It took Saint-Gaudens 14 years to complete the monument.

She was, according to the

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She was, according to the Springfield Republican and the Boston Herald, upset at the memorial's inaccurate depiction of history.

To some extent, she's got a point. It's not an accurate depiction - statues never are. But for its day, it was revolutionary:

Saint-Gaudens originally envisioned an equestrian statue — the traditional hero on horseback — but Shaw’s family objected to the format as pretentious. The revised design presents the
officer riding beside a company of foot soldiers marching toward their destiny. When the monument was at last unveiled in 1897, the philosopher William James observed that it was the first American “soldier’s monument” dedicated to a group of citizens united in the interests of their country, rather than to a single military hero.

You'd still think

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That a simple letter to the Globe or a one-woman protest completely with informational flyers would've gotten her point across better than the yellow paint which is annoying, pointless and surely costly to clean up,

The proper term...

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...for this type of monument is a "Stelae."

That's a plural

There's no such thing as "a stelae." That's a plural. The proper term for ONE of this type of monument is "stele" (in ancient Greek) or "stela" (in Latin.) The plurals are either "steles" (Greek) or "stelae" (Latin.)


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...interesting you corrected me, but not the person who referred to it as "a statue," which is clearly far more wrong than my misstatement.

TRY to be helpful. See what it gets ya.

Why is Quincy so busted?

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Seriously...every day I take the T down there and walk about a mile to work, and never have I seen so much human strangeness per square foot. There is even a head injury clinic next to a boxing gym, across the street from a place that sells donuts and about beating the crap outta yourself.

Innocent until proven guilty.

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I was there seconds after and photographed the scene. She was sitting calmly answering ranger's questions.

The damage is nothing a little soap and water can't clean up. The tourists who got splashed though are another concern.

I'm curious about why she might have done this? I would rather not make snap judgements or incorrect comments and must wait and see.

Are you serious?

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First, I think a little more is needed than just soap and water to remove paint off of the statue.

Second, I don't think most posters made snap judgements. She was seen doing the deed and admitted to doing the deed.


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I don't need anyone's permission to cast aspersions, throw stones, make snap judgements, or call the obviously guilty guilty. I'm not a journalist, I'm a semi-anonymous commenter on a local news blog.

Mas, get some perspectivo, mai.